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World-leading behaviour change platform for health, mobility and sustainability.

At BetterPoints, we combine technology with data, incentives and insights for effective, measurable behaviour change.

kg of CO2 mitigated

Miles travelled sustainably

Active or sustainable Journeys

Walking & cycling activities

Public transport journeys

Calories burned

‘Remarkably successful in motivating people to change their habits.’

– Bus company CEO

With BetterPoints, you have the behaviour change technology and expertise you need to motivate people to adopt better habits.


Track any activity that can be self-reported or measured from a combination of location, motion and time. 


Discover how people behave and how they respond to different incentives.


Provide achievable rewards and incentives that genuinely motivate your target audience, no matter who they are.


Give people challenges they want to throw themselves into and the encouragement to keep going, and minimise ‘app churn’.

‘Before I registered for BetterPoints I wasn’t very active at all. I hardly did any walking and BetterPoints has got me out and moving. I feel so much better. It makes me feel so free, I have a new-found energy and it’s a whole lifestyle change for me now.’

Sandra, Salford

20,000 active participants in Bologna

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The Bella Mossa programme in Bologna attracted more than 20,000 active partipants and over 100 commercial partners.

Participants clocked up 1.9 million sustainable journeys covering 7.3 million km and offset 1.4 million kg of CO2.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our partners say:

The BetterPoints pilot we ran did show genuine behaviour change for participants. 81% changed their leisure travel behaviour.

Becky Chapman

London Borough of Sutton

BetterPoints are very professional and their platform is ahead of the curve at targeting high and sustained mode shift.

Annette Smith


One of the most effective tools to promote sustainable mobility in our city in an innovative, fun, and incentivising way.

Irene Priolo

Deputy Mayor, Bologna, Italy

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