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Change can be hard

BetterPoints programmes make it fun!

Maybe your employer has encouraged you to join a BetterPoints challenge, or you’ve seen one advertised locally. To join an available programme, simply download the app and follow the instructions below.

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Changes to the app during the coronavirus outbreak

The UK Government has introduced strict new measures to ensure as many people as possible stay safe and well during the coronavirus outbreak. We’re all being asked to change our behaviour now.

So, we’re pausing rewards for public transport and car-sharing for the time being. However, if you’re part of a BetterPoints challenge that already encourages active travel (walk, run, cycle) you can still be rewarded for one active travel activity a day, in line with current Government guidelines on exercising outdoors.

Instead, we’re introducing new activities to help you develop positive, home-based behaviours, such as exercising indoors, offering kindness to others at a time when we all really need it, and making the most of this opportunity to try something new. 

Read more about our COVID-19 changes here

BetterPoints programmes open up a world of discovery

When you join a BetterPoints programme, you’re starting an exciting journey of exploration. Win rewards for doing something differently and learn how it impacts your health and society. Spend your reward points or donate them to charity. Unlock badges, challenge your friends, or race your colleagues up a leaderboard. 

More than just a tracker app


Record your activities to earn rewards.


Reward yourself! Spend your BetterPoints on high street vouchers.


Tell your Facebook and Twitter friends how well you’re doing – and earn more rewards!

Latest News

Up to the minute news and stories about your reward programmes.


Give your BetterPoints to your favourite charity or cause, globally or locally.

And More

Beat your friends on leaderboards or work as a team to earn more rewards.

Start earning rewards today!


Download the app

To start earning rewards from programmes available to you, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play, register and complete your profile.


Join a programme

You may see more than one partner-funded programme in the app. You can join as many of them as you like.


Have fun!

Start tracking any of the activities available to you in the app. If you get stuck, there’s a whole support area to help you out.

Download the app and get started!

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For support using the app, or enquiries about your account, you can use the in-app Help section to contact us or email our Support Team.

BetterPoints Solutions

Have you thought of using the BetterPoints platform for your organisation?

BetterPoints solutions give you benchmarking data to discover how people behave and why, behaviour change challenges to motivate better habits, at scale, anywhere, and andvanced insights to learn how to do things better yourselves.