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Behaviour Change for Business

Boost your employee health, green credentials and CSR

BetterPoints for Business gives you the behaviour change tools you need to motivate your employees to make real, impactful changes to your ROI, your employee value proposition and your relationship with the local community.

Boost CSR and support your local

Reduce your carbon footprint and
mitigate CO2 emissions

Promote active and sustainable

Reduce the strain of car parking and congestion

Encourage physical activity for health and wellbeing

Track behaviour and learn valuable
insights from rich data

Build a truly motivating behaviour change programme

BetterPoints is a world-leading, scalable and customisable behaviour change platform. Our award-winning technology motivates, incentivises and encourages in three key areas: Sustainability, the Environment and Health & Wellbeing.

With BetterPoints, you have a fully integrated platform for building bespoke behaviour change programmes, and a tried-and-tested app for deploying them and engaging your employees.

Track and report on any activity that can be measured with a combination of location, motion and time – including, but by no means limited to: walking, cycling, running, car-sharing and using public transport; team competitions and challenges, exercise classes and social events; professional events and conferences; volunteering; recycling and responsible waste disposal.


Motivates a wide range of configurable activities and behaviours

Motivates the inactive, not just people that are already engaged

Lowers the barriers to engagement, such as time, ability and reticence

Collects detailed evidence in a bespoke data dashboard

Promotes your commitment to sustainability, the environment and employee wellbeing

Delivers a measurable ROI

Boost community engagement and CSR

Employees now expect employers to have excellent CSR credentials. A study by PWC found a staggering 88% of Millennials gravitated toward companies with pronounced CSR programmes, while 86% would consider leaving if their employer’s CSR stopped meeting their expectations.

With BetterPoints, you can nominate causes for donating reward points to, lower the barriers to engagement – such as time, ability and reticence – and reward employees for engaging with local community groups.

Promote nominated causes

Promote your nominatied charities or community groups through the app. Give emoloyees incentives to donate the cash value of their points and to support community activities.

Encourage community engagement

Set in-app goals and incentives for community activities, and reward them automatically through the app when an event is attended or a task completed.


Boost the local economy

Make a positive, visible impact on the community by linking with local businesses and giving your employees incentives to shop locally.

Reward local shopping

Reward your employees when they visit a local shop or use a local service.

Promote local business

Make your local links even stronger by partnering with local businesses to offer your employees in-app rewards such as discounts and vouchers for their products and services.

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Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Monitor transport use for sophisticated analysis

Track and report user travel journeys by mode, time of day, week, month as well as by route.

Track a full range of vehicular, train, bus and active/sustainable travel modes with the capability of tracking and reporting by each mode activity.

Measure and demonstrate your environmental impact

Create bespoke Carbon/GHG reports, charts and graphs.
Contribute to Carbon Trust Level 3 Action Plan and delivery of the WRI GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain.


Stop losing out to commuter congestion

UK commuters waste up to three days a year stuck in rush hour traffic. Congestion cost the UK economy £8bn in 2018 – an average of £1,300 per driver. (INRIX)

Incentivise active travel

Give employees a reason to leave their cars at home and travel by foot, bicycle or public transport.


Reduce the pressure of car parking

Parking can be a real pain in the backside for companies, with employees vying for limited spaces and clogging up the local streets.

Reward car-sharing

Reward employees that share car journeys for commuting and business travel, and tie the rewards in with your existing schemes.

Motivate active travel

Give incentives for using active forms of transport, such as cycling and walking. Tie them in with other incentives, such as the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Encourage use of public transport

Reward employees that take public transport instead of using their cars. Rewards might include free tickets or discounts on travel passes.


Get people healthier and more engaged

The average UK employee loses more than four days of work every year due to sickness (ONS). UK companies lose £29 billion a year to employee sickness (HSE). Meanwhile, engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave (CLC).

Increase physical activity

Motivate employees to increase healthy physical activity, such as cycling, walking or running to work, or taking a lunchtime stroll.

Reward achievement

Recognise and reward achievements, such as meeting the NHS’ recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week, hitting personal, business and community goals.


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Track, report and learn 

Build a detailed picture of how people respond to your programme and change their behaviour. Create and export bespoke reports, charts and graphs.

Add even more detail

Integrate SMASH (the Sustainable Mobility As a Service Hub) into your BetterPoints programme for sophisticated data analysis and unprecedented insights into travel behaviour and how people respond to different incentives.