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University of Sussex promotes sustainable travel with BetterPoints

The University of Sussex has become the latest higher education institution to use BetterPoints technology to reward and motivate their students and staff for active and sustainable travel. The EcoGo challenge will work in parallel with other wellbeing and sustainability initiatives to make the University a more environmentally friendly place to work and study. Staff…
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BetterPoints turns physical activity into charitable donations

We have grown a lot as a company since 2010, but one thing that hasn’t changed about BetterPoints is our dedication to giving back. With International Day of Charity almost upon us (Sunday 5 September), we would like to thank all our programme participants who have supported so many fantastic organisations with their BetterPoints donations.…
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BetterPoints technology rewards healthy and sustainable travel in York

Last week we launched a new programme funded through the Department for Transport’s new ‘Capability Fund’. The BetterPoints York programme, in partnership with City of York Council (CYC), incentivises workers and residents in York to use active and sustainable modes of transport. Following our success with active travel in Leicestershire (do check out the video…
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“I walk everywhere now” – How Leicestershire councils are motivating thousands of people to walk and cycle

As the UK’s Capability Fund allocations are released, we wanted to share a brand new video with you. It shows how and why Leicester City and Leicestershire County councils use BetterPoints to get more people to choose walking, cycling and public transport over using the car. It’s been very successful, as evidenced by user Nusrat’s…
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Hounslow is the latest council to incentivise better health with BetterPoints

It is well-known, nowadays, that physical inactivity is a killer. It’s responsible for one in six deaths in the UK (equal to smoking) and is estimated to cost us £7.4 billion annually [Public Health England, 2019]. It can cause serious health problems such as obesity, chronic heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.   Poor diet is also a major risk factor for premature death [NHS, 2021]. Almost two-thirds of adults in England are overweight or obese, while obesity-related…
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