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Active travel incentives to encourage mode shift in one of Glasgow’s largest suburbs

Active travel incentives to encourage mode shift in one of Glasgow’s largest suburbs

Glasgow City Council is running a six-month BetterPoints programme with residents of the Easterhouse area, to help them move to more active and sustainable modes of transport. 

The campaign is designed to increase levels of walking, running and cycling. When COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, it will promote positive attitudes towards public transport too.

It contributes to these Smarter Choices, Smarter Places outcomes: 

  • More people choose to walk or cycle for short local journeys
  • More people choose sustainable transport options for longer journeys
  • People develop more positive attitudes towards sustainable transport choices 
  • People’s knowledge about sustainable transport choices increases
  • There is an increased evidence base to support sustainable transport interventions. 

The campaign uses the BetterPoints tried-and-tested behaviour change platform and smartphone app to combine journey tracking with modal shift gamification, messaging and rewards. 

Participants can accumulate reward points (BetterPoints) for walking, cycling and wheeling, and cash them in for digital vouchers or donate them to charity.

Glasgow City Council commissioned the BetterPoints campaign from its Smarter Choices, Smarter Places funding stream. It ties in with existing community projects and will build on Glasgow’s infrastructure improvement measures. 

This campaign in Glasgow continues our flourishing partnership with Ansons Consulting, which began in Falkirk and then extended to Arbroath, bringing our proven active travel model to more areas of Scotland.

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