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Author: Richard Kirk

Walking is the low-hanging fruit for active travel, so why the obsession with cycling?

Cycling is a great way to get around actively and a great way to exercise, but it’s not what most people choose when they take up the challenge to travel actively. The UK government’s latest figures show that walking far outweighs cycling as an active travel choice – in the number of trips, the number…
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Farewell Dan Gipple, we shall miss you

It is with great sadness that we say farewell to our Founder and friend, Daniel Gipple, who passed away on 23 August after a protracted illness. Dan founded BetterPoints in 2010 and led the company as CEO for the next decade, setting in motion a force for change that is spreading across the UK and…
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Active travel: Three barriers to mass engagement – and how to break them

‘Without changes to people’s behaviours now, the target of net zero by 2050 is not achievable’, wrote the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee in a report last month. But while one-to-one behaviour change – such as in rehabilitation – has proved relatively successful, mass behaviour change is a whole different story. So,…
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Cass Entrepreneurship Fund leads £800,000 Future Fund matched investment in BetterPoints

The Cass Entrepreneurship Fund has successfully completed the Government’s Future Fund £800,000 matched investment into BetterPoints. We are specialists in behavioural change technology and are facilitating a transition towards more sustainable mobility and a lower carbon footprint. We will use the funding to grow our team in order to capitalise on the momentum towards more…
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COVID-19 will reshape society

The balance between office and home working will change permanently. The importance of CO2 will become a known reality. The Earth is already healing itself – early reports in Venice of clear canals, visible fish, white swans and even dolphins! Over the next few months, examples like this will be positive items of daily news.…
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