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BetterPoints are finalists in the 2018 Smarter Travel Awards!

BetterPoints are finalists in the 2018 Smarter Travel Awards!

We’re delighted to announce that we are finalists in the ‘Best Smarter Travel Innovation’ category of the 2018 Smarter Travel Awards.

Our entry focused on four new and exciting developments in our app and Behaviour Change Management System. We pride ourselves on constantly honing and evolving our offering and these developments are part of that process. ‘Gamification’ employs game-like approaches in real-life contexts to elicit behaviour change. Gamification features make using the BetterPoints app more engaging, more fun and encourage people to get started and to keep going.

Over the last year we’ve invested in developing gamification features which significantly enhance the appeal and potential of the BetterPoints Behaviour Change Management System to clients and users. These are:

Team Earning – allowing users to join with friends and colleagues and create teams and collectively users try and reach a shared goal, so everyone can get a bonus reward. To achieve the reward all teammates must do their bit!

Multi-level Earning – users ‘unlock’ new levels, goals and different ways to earn by completing goals. This can be configured to be part of the messaging and users understand they need to achieve the new levels, or it can be invisible and appear as a bonus level.

Prize Draws – almost everyone loves to win something! Our very customisable in-app prize draw functionality allows users to earn BetterTickets instead of (or as well as) BetterPoints and users can win prizes. A BetterTicket is effectively a virtual raffle ticket – the more BetterTickets a user earns the more chances they have to win.  Prizes can be BetterPoints, vouchers, specific prizes or even a matched donation to a favourite charity. Clients and users alike love this feature.

Treasure Hunts – where we put the ‘game’ into ‘gamification’! Virtual treasure is hidden at various locations around parks or other open spaces and app users are encouraged to explore the park whilst finding treasure – notifications pop up in the app timeline with fun messages and pictures when they reach each treasure location.

We’re proud that these innovations make our brilliant platform even more brilliant. We work with each client or partner to work out the very best reward and messaging mix for their target groups and which combination of incentives and features to use. Because it’s an iterative system we’re also able to assess what is working and make changes as we go.

Thanks go to our highly skilled behind-the-scenes team for all their hard work on these innovations – particularly Joe Oldak (Head of Engineering), Anne Lancaster (Product Manager) and Lobelia Lawson (Lead Local Programme Implementation Director).

We’ll be exhibiting and sharing our expertise at Smarter Travel Live in Liverpool on 16-17 October and look forward to meeting many of you there. We are also finalists in the Best Behaviour Change Category with our Bella Mossa programme and will be sharing more about that soon. 

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