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BetterPoints helped Paul’s mission to stay fit after cancer diagnosis

BetterPoints helped Paul’s mission to stay fit after cancer diagnosis

Nothing is more motivating than hearing stories from BetterPoints users, how they started, the ups and downs and what keeps them going.

Recently we heard from Paul, one of the highest achievers in our September Postcard Challenge, which rewarded virtual postcards for walking and cycling.

Paul’s story is an inspiring one. It began with a turning point in his life in 2017, when he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer soon after retiring.

Of all the changes cancer has brought to Paul’s life, rediscovering the joy of walking, life on two wheels and losing weight have been among the positive outcomes of his struggle.

‘I needed to change my lifestyle’, he says. ‘I was introduced to BetterPoints through the Macmillan Cancer Support Centre at Skelmersdale.’ Since then, he has noticed a positive impact on his health and wellbeing.

‘The App has made me more active’, he says. I wish I knew about it earlier.’

Our entertaining Postcard Challenge helped Paul to keep up his exercise. Whenever he hit a milestone he would receive a new virtual postcard with a picture of the city and some fun facts about it.

The route began in Inverness in the north of Scotland and worked its way through 17 European cities. Paul collected all 17 postcards.

‘I am not worried how I do in the challenges,’ he told us, ‘ as long as I take part and enjoy them. At my age, I don’t want to be a top athlete, I just need to be in trim to keep me fitter and healthier and hopefully enjoy life a bit more.’

‘My main objective is to always walk wherever I go, like to doctors’ appointments or the shops and not use the car unless it is really essential. I usually set myself challenges, but with BetterPoints they make them for you,’ he said.

‘The app is easy to use, motivates you, especially when you can get prizes, which I donate to two charities: Macmillan Cancer Support and Prostate Cancer.’

‘I have also changed my diet and now I feel much healthier and fitter. With both activities and my diet, I have reached my goal in weight: losing two stone in about six to seven months.’ And his BMI is now at what it should be, he told us.

‘At the moment all my PSA results are showing that they are normal for my age and I am waiting for a second biopsy to find out if my cancer has gone. Until then I will keep myself fit and healthy and continue doing what I enjoy with the help of BetterPoints and Macmillan Cancer Support Workers — not to forget my family who are helping me through these difficult times.’

‘I will still use the app whatever my results turn out to be,’ he added.

Paul told us he hoped his story would encourage ‘family and friends and newcomers to the app’.