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BetterPoints is back in Milton Keynes for a second year running

BetterPoints is back in Milton Keynes for a second year running

Following a successful eight-month programme in 2022 that attracted high levels of engagement and achieved measurable modal shift, Milton Keynes City Council has commissioned a new seven-month Get Around Rewards programme which launches on 1 April.

Once again, residents and workers in Milton Keynes will able to receive incentives and rewards for travelling actively and sustainably.

The 2022 programme encouraged people to use alternatives to private cars and initiated more than 190,000 active or otherwise sustainable journeys – 62 per cent of which replaced a car journey. It prevented an estimated 47,204 kg of CO2 emissions.

From next month, local residents and employees will again be invited to join Get Around Rewards in the BetterPoints app and complete a baselining survey from which behaviour change will be measured. 

The app will then record their journeys for them automatically and reward them for using the desired modes of transport. 

Campaigns, rewards and prize draws will maintain engagement over the course of the programme, and people will be able to get extra reward points for attending the local Get Around MK events.

As before, promoted transport modes will include walking, wheeling, cycling, public transport, the MK Connect demand-responsive transport service and the local Enterprise Car Club.

Get Around Rewards will run for seven months from 1 April 2023.

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