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Car commuter Katie is now bats about active travel

Car commuter Katie is now bats about active travel

Katie is studying the movement ecology of the horseshoe bat for her PhD at the University of Sussex. But it’s not just the movement of bats that Katie is scrutinising: she has also started paying closer attention to how she moves herself.

Katie signed up to the university’s EcoGo programme that rewards staff and students for travelling more actively and sustainably, and now she uses the car a lot less.

‘The BetterPoints app has definitely encouraged me to think more smartly about how I travel and to be more active in general.

‘I will more frequently choose to walk or ride my bike to places around Brighton & Hove, and opt to take the bus instead of using my car when a vehicle is needed.

‘I travel into campus using my bike. Sometimes I will use the bus if I have to transport heavy equipment or supplies to my office, or if the weather is extremely bad.

‘With my old job, I had to commute using my own personal vehicle as public transport links were not available, so it’s extremely refreshing being able to leave the car at home and to commute with active travel.

‘I have discovered many lovely parks around Brighton & Hove on foot. Wandering around the city during the weekend, I often find a new cafe, bar, restaurant or shop that I haven’t been to before, which I would completely miss whilst driving or taking the bus.

‘It’s also nice to get extra rewards for exercising at the gym, and for thinking about how I dispose of my waste products.

‘In general, I have noticed a massive increase in my fitness and wellbeing, and I’m definitely being more environmentally conscious thanks to the scheme.

‘The automatic tracking on the app is absolutely excellent and means I don’t have to think about starting an activity to gain any BetterPoints.

‘The additional prize draws are also really exciting, and it was a lovely surprise to win an extra 1,000 points in one of the daily draws just a couple of weeks ago.’