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Rental bikes with QR codes reward sustainable transport in Brighton & Hove

The Brighton & Hove bike rental scheme, BTN BikeShare, has adorned the baskets of its bicycles with BetterPoints QR codes, to make it easy for people to join the local Move for Change challenge.  Move for Change, which launched in February, was commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council to reward people for travelling actively…
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Active Travel in Wales – engagement and communication is crucial, webinar attendees told

Transport infrastructures are not viable, however innovative they may be, if people don’t use them. Our recent webinar on making the active travel infrastructure work in Wales showed how mass engagement can be achieved, through a unique combination of BetterPoints behaviour change technology, communication delivered through the transport consultancy, Ansons Consulting, and local transport expert,…
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Wales leads the way in changing how people move

The Welsh Government has taken the bold step of freezing all new road-building projects while it conducts a review, and considers shifting the money to more sustainable transport projects. The move is part of Wales’ effort to reduce carbon emissions. The review was announced in the Welsh Parliament yesterday afternoon by the Deputy Climate Change…
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Survey shows strong support for local cycle lanes – even if it means less space for cars

In a recent survey by the UK’s Department of Transport, nearly two-thirds of people (64%) supported dedicated local cycle lanes – even if it meant less road space for cars. When asked what would encourage them to cycle more, 55% said off-road and segregated cycle paths, 53% said safer roads, and 49% said well-maintained road…
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East Renfrewshire hopes to boost town centre footfall with new active travel campaign

The new ‘Choose How U Move East Ren’ programme launched on 17 May and runs until 31 October. Powered by BetterPoints and in partnership with Ansons Consulting, it encourages walking, running, wheeling and cycling when travelling in and around the region. Throughout the programme participants will be encouraged to travel actively, supported by using the…
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