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Warwickshire renews BetterPoints partnership to incentivise active travel

Following a successful pilot in Royal Leamington Spa in 2019, Warwick District Council is continuing its relationship with BetterPoints to encourage more local people to switch to active travel such as walking and cycling. This year, residents of Warwick District can get active and choose more sustainable means of travel when visiting and supporting the…
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Ebbsfleet commissions fourth year of BetterPoints incentives for healthy behaviours

We are delighted to announce that the Get Active in Ebbsfleet rewards challenge, powered by BetterPoints in partnership with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, moves into a fourth year. We have been seeing outstanding year-on-year growth since its commencement. This kind of repeat activity has returned real benefits, and means we can continue to encourage local people…
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Norwegian city introduces BetterPoints rewards for active and sustainable travel

The BetterPoints app is used in many different parts of the world, and now it has arrived in Gjøvik – the first city in Norway to introduce a BetterPoints reward scheme. Throughout the campaign, participants will be encouraged to change their transport choices and incentives will be offered for people who choose greener travel as…
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Public health incentives, rewards and behaviour change? We do that!

Excitingly, innovations for motivating physical activity have become all the rage. The UK government recently declared it is spending £70 million to encourage 700,000 people to lose weight, and is considering offering financial incentives. And, last week, a new body was announced – the Office for Health Promotion – which will ‘lead national efforts to…
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BetterPoints users have now made eight million journeys on foot

BetterPoints has motivated thousands of people to change their transport behaviour and, last week, the total number of journeys made on foot by BetterPoints participants reached eight million! To get to this point, they have collectively walked or run more than seven million miles, offsetting an estimated 2.8 million kg of CO2 emissions.  A million…
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