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Well done to our Lockdown Legend 2.6 Challenge winners!

Well done to everyone that took part in last week’s Lockdown Legend 2.6 Challenge. 26 of them won a £10 donation to their chosen charity (more on that in a later post) and three won an additional 26,000 BetterPoints for their related Lockdown Legend story. Congratulations to our three Lockdown Legend 2.6 Challenge winners: Rachel,…
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This week, be a Lockdown Legend for charity

We are proud to support the 2.6 Challenge from 26 April to help save the UK’s charities. Anyone that gets involved can also submit their Challenge evidence as a Lockdown Legend activity in our app for even more donations. From Sunday 26 April, the 2.6 Challenge is encouraging people to dream up an activity based…
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‘There is no need to break the rules to turn your energy into something positive’

Congratulations to BetterPoints user Mollie for becoming this week’s Lockdown Legend! Each week, we are choosing a Lockdown Legend – someone from our app’s user community with an inspiring story of coping during the coronavirus lockdown. Mollie’s story struck us for its resilience and determination to find positive opportunities in the lockdown: I often work 20-hour weeks…
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How to emerge from COVID-19 as a high-performing team

It is widely acknowledged that most organisations will emerge from the current crisis in a different shape. So you’re probably already thinking about the need to engage with and motivate employees more than ever to change behaviour in order to meet the demands of your new culture. BetterPoints can measure and track performance to help…
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Line-dancing in lockdown – and other ways people are staying active at home

We’ve been asking our app users how they’re staying active at home. Some are re-discovering abandoned equipment: What did you do to be active at home?Used my cross trainer to train instead of as a clothes horse. Many are following online fitness videos – and yes, Joe Wicks features a lot – while others are…
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