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Change can be better

Change can be better

The UK Government has introduced strict new measures to ensure as many people as possible stay safe and well during the coronavirus outbreak. The frontline support led by the NHS highlights the true spirit of the nation at this time.

We’re all being asked to change our behaviour now, to protect everyone in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Life is changing dramatically and quickly. We don’t know what the future holds, and that can be frightening – but it also means we don’t know what new, exciting and positive opportunities are on the way. 

We’re good at positive change here at BetterPoints. We want to help you and those you work with to adapt to these new ways of living and working and make the most of them. So, we’re changing our challenges to reflect the new normal.

BetterPoints app users are used to seeing transport activities in the app. Given current advice, we’re pausing rewards for public transport and car-sharing for the time being. However, people who are part of a BetterPoints challenge that already encourages active travel (walk, run, cycle) can still be rewarded for one active travel activity a day. These are limited to one a day per person in line with current Government guidelines on exercising outdoors. [Update: 13 May 2020]

Instead, we’re introducing new activities to help people develop positive, home-based behaviours, such as exercising indoors, offering kindness to others at a time when we all really need it, and making the most of this opportunity to try something new.

New activities 

When people open the BetterPoints app they’ll see some new activities. We think recording these things will give extra motivation going forward. Some of the rewards are in-app medals – the equivalent of a nice big pat on the back. Some activities are awarded with BetterTickets and giving the chance to win larger pots of BetterPoints.  

The four new activities are:

  • Be Active at Home
  • Be Kind & Connect
  • Try Something New
  • ‘Lockdown Legend’

What are they all about?

This is how we’ve explained it to the BetterPoints community:

Be Active at Home

It’s easy to think being at home means you will become a couch potato. There are loads of fun and physically active things you can do from the safety of your own home. In fact, remaining active will not only help your physical health it will help keep your mental health and wellbeing strong.

That’s why Be Active at Home is now an option in the app. To help you get started we’ll send you messages from time to time with ideas. 

Be Kind and Connect

It’s easy to become inward-facing when stuck at home. But it’s actually the perfect time to connect with others.  Be Kind & Connect does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a virtual high-five (or elbow bump!) designed to accompany the warm fuzzy feeling we all get from helping others.

The possibilities are endless: phone a member of your family to check how they’re doing, add a neighbour’s essential items to your grocery delivery, check (maintaining social distancing) on an elderly member of your community. Change is better, together.

Try Something New

For some, this is a tough time. As well missing out on seeing friends and family, many of you will keenly feel the loss of hobbies, activities and the like.

So if you’re bored at home, why not Try Something New. If you’ve always fancied learning an instrument, a new language or taking up knitting or juggling then there’s no time like the present. The internet is bursting with ideas, tutorials and courses – and lots of them are free! 

Lockdown Legend

So, what’s a ‘Lockdown Legend’? This is where you share your successes with the BetterPoints community. As the saying goes, ‘there’s an opportunity in every crisis’.

Although it’s a tough time at present it’s also time to re-evaluate, to create new habits and focus on what’s important. Tell us what you’ve done during this time – share your Lockdown Legend stories by clicking the activity icon on the app. 

Each week we’ll choose a Lockdown Legend and award them with 25,000 BetterPoints! 

Be creative with this one! The possibilities are endless. You could share your experience of adapting to staying at home, how you’ve started a new habit like a morning walk or online fitness class, taken up yoga or meditation, made a neighbour’s day with a food delivery, played a game of virtual chess, or donated to a local charity.  

Sharing what you’ve done not only gives you a pat on the back but it gives other people ideas they can try out too. 

We’re excited about these changes. We hope you are too. They’re already live in the app so you can start right away. 

The situation is constantly evolving and so are we. We’ll keep a very close eye on Government advice and evolve our challenges accordingly. And we will update this page as things develop, so keep an eye out!

The future can be better, not in spite of change, but because of it.

Stay safe and well,

The BetterPoints Team

Update: 13 May 2020

The UK Government relaxed the lockdown rules slightly from 13 May, allowing people to exercise outside on our own as much as they like. Therefore, we have reverted our outdoor activity rewards to their original levels.