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Getting back outside with BetterPoints

Getting back outside with BetterPoints

We are delighted to be reinstating rewards for more than one outdoor activity a day. The UK Government has slightly relaxed the lockdown rules, so we can now exercise outside on our own as much as we like. 

However, the rules on social distancing and transport have not changed: stay more than 2 metres (6.5 feet) away from other people and avoid public transport. 

What is changing?

  • Rewards for active travel (walking, running, cycling etc) will revert to pre-lockdown levels. 
    These may differ between challenges so check the Challenge pages in the app for more detail.

Rewards for public transport or car-sharing activities are still paused until Government guidance changes.

Please ensure you stay up to date with the latest Government guidance.

For many of us, life is changing and will continue to do so. It’s an unsettling time for everyone, so we’re thrilled we can help people get out and about once again.

Stay home whenever possibleWork from home if you canAvoid public transport if possible
Take unlimited exercise outsideEnjoy parks and open spaces without exercisingAlways keep your distance in public

BetterPoints behaviour change programmes get people more physically active and travelling more sustainably. Ask us for a demo today.