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How BetterPoints supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

How BetterPoints supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Many people were sceptical when the UN announced its sustainability goals in 2015. How could the world achieve such ambitious targets by 2030, especially when some countries seemed more interested in their own interests than the common good?

Well, one way to tackle this challenge is to use technology and incentives to motivate people to change their attitudes and behaviour for the better.

And that’s exactly what BetterPoints does.

BetterPoints is a platform for programmes that reward people for doing good things for themselves and the planet. Whether it’s walking, cycling, volunteering, or recycling, Participants in BetterPoints programmes can earn points and prizes for taking actions that support several of the UN sustainability goals. They can also see how their actions make a difference, not only for their own health and wellbeing, but for the global community.

BetterPoints programmes are designed to align with UN Sustainable Development Goals and to help achieve them. For example, by encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint by using public transport or active travel instead of driving. This supports goal 13, which is about taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Or by rewarding people with vouchers for local shops and services and encouraging them to travel to those shops sustainably. This supports goal 8, which is about promoting economic growth.

UN Sustainable Development GoalBetterPoints’ contributionImpact
BetterPoints programmes incentivise people to adopt more active and healthy lifestylesReduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve mental health, and enhance well-being
Goal 8: Decent work and economic growthBetterPoints programmes promote local businesses and charities and sustainable ways of reaching themFoster the local economy, support the local community, and make the local area a cleaner and safer place to travel around
10: Reduced inequalitiesBetterPoints programmes encourage and reward people for engaging with and donating to local charities and social initiativesPromote community engagement and social cohesion
11: Sustainable cities and communitiesBetterPoints programmes promote sustainable modes of transportReduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion and noise, and improve the quality of life in urban areas
12: Responsible consumption and productionBetterPoints programmes encourage people to make more eco-friendly choicesConserve natural resources, prevent environmental degradation, and foster a circular economy
13: Climate actionBetterPoints programmes motivate people to mitigate and adapt to climate changeContribute to the global efforts to limit the rise of global temperatures and to cope with the impacts of extreme weather events

BetterPoints programmes are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client, whether they are a local authority, a health organisation, a university, or a private company. Clients can easily set up, manage, and evaluate their programmes on the BetterPoints platform, as well as communicate with and motivate their participants.

BetterPoints also provides a dashboard that allows clients to track and measure their impact. The dashboard shows the progress and achievements of each programme in terms of key indicators, such as carbon savings, calories burned, distance travelled, and reward points earned.

A user-facing app allows participants to track their progress, earn rewards, compare their performance with other programmes and regions, and to share their stories and successes with others.

BetterPoints is more than just a reward scheme. It is a powerful tool for behaviour change that helps people and organisations make a positive difference in the world.

BetterPoints is a movement and a growing community of people encouraged to care about making a positive impact on the world. By taking part in BetterPoints programmes, users join a network of individuals motivated to do more for the planet.

They can also learn from each other, inspire each other, and collaborate with each other to achieve the UN sustainability goals.

BetterPoints is one of the most innovative ways to support the UN sustainability goals. It uses technology and incentives to empower people to act, and to measure and share the impact of their actions. It also creates a culture and a community of sustainability that transcends borders and boundaries.

And it is making a difference.