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How to emerge from COVID-19 as a high-performing team

How to emerge from COVID-19 as a high-performing team

It is widely acknowledged that most organisations will emerge from the current crisis in a different shape. So you’re probably already thinking about the need to engage with and motivate employees more than ever to change behaviour in order to meet the demands of your new culture.

BetterPoints can measure and track performance to help your organisation get back on its feet, fast. Here’s how.

BetterPoints provides a behaviour change platform that promotes health and wellbeing, greater awareness of sustainability and corporate values. You can utilise this to maximise motivation and engagement, and appreciate employees who strive above the ordinary.

We have also extended our functionality to include automated recognition and reward templates that will help you accelerate your communications framework.

Our interactive app measures:

  • Health and Wellbeing – adopting healthy lifestyles through walking and cycling
  • Keeping employees motivated – remotely and back at their office locations
  • Peer-to-peer awards – to appreciate extraordinary contributions
  • Driving company values – recognising significant achievements and performance

We know that recognition and reward will be part of most HR strategies and we believe that it will be central to driving behaviour change.

With the BetterPoints app embedded in your recovery plan, you will benefit from an automated management tool for recognition and reward that will help you to change behaviour for the good.

Motivating and rewarding your employees with our ready-made solution will help your organisation emerge from this crisis as a stronger company structured around a high-performance team fit for the new future. 

To learn more about how the BetterPoints app could work for your organisation you can book a brief call with Jonathan Cobb, our Head of Enterprise.