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Webinar: Active Travel in Wales – Making the Infrastructure Work

Join us on 7 July to learn about making Active Travel in Wales a success with impactful behaviour change programmes. Earlier this year, the Welsh Government announced £75 million of funding for active travel, as part of its Llwybr Newydd transport strategy. Many of the high-profile projects underway are around Infrastructure: safe routes, cycle highways,…
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BetterPoints users have now made eight million journeys on foot

BetterPoints has motivated thousands of people to change their transport behaviour and, last week, the total number of journeys made on foot by BetterPoints participants reached eight million! To get to this point, they have collectively walked or run more than seven million miles, offsetting an estimated 2.8 million kg of CO2 emissions.  A million…
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Have you heard? Transport planning’s best-kept secret is winning the public over to local infrastructure plans

Local authorities are discovering the power of BetterPoints behaviour change technology to motivate citizens and bring them onside with their ambitious transport plans. A lot of radical change is happening in active and sustainable transport in the UK right now. But, while some towns are leading the way, others are already abandoning their new, greener…
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Active travel incentives to encourage mode shift in one of Glasgow’s largest suburbs

Glasgow City Council is running a six-month BetterPoints programme with residents of the Easterhouse area, to help them move to more active and sustainable modes of transport.  The campaign is designed to increase levels of walking, running and cycling. When COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, it will promote positive attitudes towards public transport too. It contributes…
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BetterPoints builds its work in Scotland with a new active travel programme in Arbroath

BetterPoints is powering a new active travel incentive programme in Arbroath, Scotland, following our success in Falkirk. The new programme encourages residents and employees in the Angus coastal town to switch to more active travel such as walking and cycling, for the benefit of health, quality of life and the environment. These are substantial ‘win-wins’…
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