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‘It’s lovely! It’s opened up so many opportunities that I just otherwise wouldn’t have had’

The video below is from the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC) and is a real testament to the work of BetterPoints clients locally. The EDC has run its Get Active in Ebbsfleet BetterPoints programme annually since 2018, to encourage physical activity for better health and wellbeing. More than half a million activities were recorded last year…
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‘Leaving the car at home just means so much less stress’

‘I have absolutely changed the way I travel since joining BetterPoints‘, says Lukasz from Brighton & Hove’s Move for Change programme. ‘For my job, I sit at my desk most of my days – but I never really thought about walking there and back. ‘Now I’m regularly walking into town. Leaving the car at home…
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‘The app is an incentive to get me out of the house’

‘I now only use the car if the journey is not viable on foot’, says Nindy, who joined South Lanarkshire Council’s Think, Move, Breathe BetterPoints programme. Nindy had driven everywhere before. ‘I had no hesitation in jumping in the car on a short journey to the shops even when I could walk’, she says. Nindy discovered…
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‘Walking has made us fall in love all over again’

Making a conscious effort to do things differently can be hard: it’s unpredictable territory, outside of our comfort zone – it’s easier and safer just to stick with what we know. Yet, as Emily discovered, it is precisely that unpredictability that can bring wonderful surprises. Emily started using the BetterPoints app when she joined the…
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‘The mechanic thought I’d clocked it!’

Chris uses his car so infrequently now that the garage didn’t believe his low mileage was genuine. ‘When I took it for its MOT, I’d only done 2,000 miles in the last year. The mechanic thought I’d clocked it!’  Chris did most of his travelling by car or moped before he discovered Leicestershire’s Choose How…
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‘My psychiatrist mentioned BetterPoints … it’s given me a reason to go out each day’

John’s psychiatrist recommended a local BetterPoints programme to help improve his mental and physical health. ‘Recently, I had a very scary turn mentally. I have been prescribed new medications as well as therapy, my mental health was severely struggling.  ‘My psychiatrist mentioned BetterPoints and since then, along with my dog, it’s given me a reason…
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‘I walk everywhere now’

Gary suffers from severe depression and was getting no exercise before he joined a BetterPoints programme.   ‘I walk everywhere now: to the school, to the shops and my parents’ houses.  ‘I suffer with severe depression and anxiety. Walking is now a part of my life, it helps take my mind to a better place. It has…
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‘I’ve completely changed how I see driving’

Jamii-Lee saw Brighton and Hove’s Move for Change programme advertised on a bus stop and decided to give it a go. ‘I’ve lost three stone this year already just by walking around and being mindful about my activity. Mentally, it’s made me so much better too. I’ve just got a new mindset, which regular walking…
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Mental health practitioner Helena would recommend BetterPoints to clients

Helena is a mental health practitioner in Buckinghamshire. She heard about a local BetterPoints programme and wanted to know if it could help her clients, so she tried it out for herself. ‘A colleague told me about the app’, says Helena. ‘I decided to try it out myself first and now feel confident to recommend…
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Car commuter Katie is now bats about active travel

Katie is studying the movement ecology of the horseshoe bat for her PhD at the University of Sussex. But it’s not just the movement of bats that Katie is scrutinising: she has also started paying closer attention to how she moves herself. Katie signed up to the university’s EcoGo programme that rewards staff and students…
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Ditching the car was ‘a huge change’ for Jacqueline: ‘I walk more and feel a lot better’

BetterPoints user Jacqueline made a big change when she got rid of her car. She now walks and takes public transport instead of driving every day.

How BetterPoints helped Sam give up smoking

Hounslow Council asked BetterPoints for a programme to help people take personal responsibility for their health, particularly among those at risk of developing avoidable long-term conditions. The One You Hounslow programme targets people at risk of developing conditions that arise from factors such as lifestyle and occupation – Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, for example – and…
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