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‘I want my children to think “I can walk or cycle to get there”’

Before she discovered Warwick District Council’s Choose How You Move BetterPoints challenge, Carly would “always hop in the car, however long the journey”. “I was using it at least six days a week”, she says. Carly has bipolar disorder and five herniated discs in her back. She found lockdown very challenging, managing her own health…
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‘BetterPoints rewards were just the motivation I needed to do something different’

Hawwah (pictured) drove to college every day but ditched the car when she joined Leicestershire’s Choose How You Move programme. “Before I took part in the Choose How You Move BetterPoints Challenge I would commute by car five days a week. I used to go by car to college every day there and back. “The…
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Carey seldom exercised before BetterPoints, now she walks a lot

Carey, from Hounslow, recently won the Move More Hero award for her progress in the council’s One You Hounslow programme. “Before the app, I seldom exercised – and now I walk a lot,” she says. “I’ve got so much more energy. It’s helped to control my weight and reduce my stress levels.” “Since taking part…
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“I walk everywhere now” – How Leicestershire councils are motivating thousands of people to walk and cycle

Leicester City and Leicestershire County councils are using BetterPoints to get more people to choose walking, cycling and public transport over using the car. It’s been very successful, as evidenced by local resident, Nusrat, in the video below: “I walk everywhere now. I’ve also used my walking habit to explore Leicester more than I’ve ever…
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The lady who uses lockdown to hide gnomes on a Leicestershire housing estate

When Becky’s new hobby got out of hand, she put it to use in cheering up her local neighbourhood. Becky makes gnomes. Not the sort you see in gardens, fishing in ponds with their trousers down, but the Scandinavian variety with tall, felt hats over their eyes and beards that reach their feet. It’s not…
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BetterPoints helped Paul’s mission to stay fit after cancer diagnosis

Nothing is more motivating than hearing stories from BetterPoints users, how they started, the ups and downs and what keeps them going. Recently we heard from Paul, one of the highest achievers in our September Postcard Challenge, which rewarded virtual postcards for walking and cycling. Paul’s story is an inspiring one. It began with a…
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Toni from West Yorkshire is our penultimate #LockdownLegend!

Congratulations to BetterPoints user Toni from Baildon, in West Yorkshire, for becoming our penultimate #LockdownLegend! Each week, since the lockdown began, we have chosen a #LockdownLegend – someone from our app’s user community with an inspiring story of coping during the coronavirus lockdown. Toni had to deal with the death of her father last month and found solace…
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Danni gave up her car for Stoptober – and saved money

The annual NHS Stoptober campaign encourages people to quit smoking during October. BetterPoints user Danni decided to take part in a different way this year: she gave up her car.

BetterPoints gave me the nudge I needed to get off my posterior, says Peter

Peter had plans to keep active when he retired, but after a while he lost the motivation. BetterPoints helped him get it back.

‘I’m doing exercise I wouldn’t have done otherwise’

Paul, from Brentford, says BetterPoints gives him the motivation he needs to fit exercise around his desk job.

“I wouldn’t go back to being inactive,” says David

After turning 40, David noticed he was putting on weight and decided to make a concerted effort to address it, as well as stay active and healthy.

“I’m never going back to the weight I was”

Mary is a primary school teacher in Hampshire. These days, Mary describes herself as reasonably active: “I’m not a coach potato,” she says. Mary picked up the BetterPoints app just seven weeks ago and jumped straight into the National Walking Month challenge.