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‘I never used to walk … I’ve lost 4kg with my new active lifestyle’

‘I never used to walk before I joined the BetterPoints Hounslow challenge’, says Ishrat. ‘It’s such a helpful app, it has encouraged me in all aspects, walking, running, and cycling too. ‘Each day is like a new day and a new challenge for me, and the app encourages me to do more every day.  ‘I’ve lost over 4…
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“The app has helped to me lose half a stone by cycling and walking”

Callum was physically active once a week, before he joined Hounslow Council’s A to B Actively challenge. He has now increased that to five days a week and enjoys a more active lifestyle. “I would always spend my evenings at home in front of the TV”, he says. “Now, I go out for a walk…
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‘It’s nice to feel like someone cares’

Alice struggled with her weight and had a lot of mobility limitations, and pain in her back, feet and knees. Walking half a mile was hard and took three days to recover. In late 2019 she had a gastric bypass operation to help her lose weight, and she took up more active forms of travel.…
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