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Why HR and CSR benefit from Behaviour Change programmes

Why HR and CSR benefit from Behaviour Change programmes

HR professionals know that an engaged and fulfilled workforce has significant knock-on benefits for an organisation. These days, that means you need excellent green and social credentials. A study by PWC found that a staggering 88% of Millennials gravitated toward companies with pronounced CSR programmes, and 86% would consider leaving if their employer’s CSR stopped meeting their expectations.

Higher rates of job satisfaction lead to lower staff turnover, lower presenteeism and absenteeism and employees who are excellent brand ambassadors. Ultimately an engaged workforce leads to increased bottom line profits.

Behaviour change programmes are great for engagement because they learn what makes people tick so you can target them more effectively. And a good programme motivates people that are inactive or disengaged, not just those that already have some level of motivation.

A good programme also motivates a wide range of activities and behaviours, lowers barriers – such as time, ability and reticence – and delivers a measurable ROI.

The BetterPoints Behaviour Change Management System is used to motivate healthy activity for physical, mental and social wellbeing, reward participation in training and professional development and incentivise behaviours which enhance CSR. To find out how it can work for your organisation, request a free, no-obligation demo and we’ll show you what it can do.

BetterPoints behaviour change programmes get people more physically active and travelling more sustainably. Ask us for a demo today.