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Cardiff University uses incentives to reduce demand for parking

Cardiff University uses incentives to reduce demand for parking

Case study

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Cardiff University wanted to increase use of active and sustainable transport after lockdown restrictions lifted.

They had temporarily increased the number of parking permits available during lockdown. As restrictions were lifted and those permits withdrawn, they took the opportunity to encourage drivers to use sustainable transport instead of their cars. 

The university commissioned Changing Steps Cardiff from BetterPoints, a ten-month programme that incentivises alternatives to car travel, such as walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport. 

Cardiff University declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. Changing Steps Cardiff is part of its drive to be Net Zero by 2030, and aligns with the UN Sustainability Goals of: 

  • Good Health and Wellbeing; 
  • Sustainable Cities and communities; 
  • Climate Action. 

How it works 

We geofenced the areas where Cardiff University wanted to encourage and measure different transport behaviour, such as the main campuses and various places around Cardiff. 

The app automatically tracks journeys and transport mode, and rewards staff and students for travelling in the identified areas without a car. 

A variety of carefully designed activities, challenges and prize draws keep engagement levels up over the ten months of the programme. 

After six months… 

  • 60% of participants were still engaged in the programme;
  • 56% had swapped car journeys for sustainable options.  

Changing Steps contributes directly to the University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy. [It] has been a very positive experience. Students and staff like the range of both local and high street rewards. 

Richard Wintrip, Travel, Transport and Parking Manager, Cardiff University