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Active and sustainable behaviour change at the University of Sheffield

Active and sustainable behaviour change at the University of Sheffield

BetterPoints for universities

The University of Sheffield wanted to promote active and sustainable transport and reduce single occupancy car journeys. 

They wanted to encourage staff and students to switch to walking, cycling and public transport, and to reward those already travelling to campus sustainably. 

Step Up Sheffield was originally commissioned as a 12-month programme in 2019, and has been recommissioned each year since. 

It initially encouraged and rewarded walking, running, cycling and public transport journeys, and has broadened to reward a wide range of other healthy and sustainable activities, such as sports, using gyms, picking litter and donating to foodbanks. 

Participants, particularly the students, reported that the rewards motivated them to walk and cycle more, and this in turn made them aware of other benefits of active travel. 

Since 2019…. 

  • 57% of activities replaced a car journey. 
  • 285,000 kg of CO2 avoided – equivalent to not charging 34 million smartphones. 
  • 94% of participants said they would take part again. 
  • Over a million activities were recorded. 

I have been very pleased with the product and service offered by BetterPoints. We have been able to reach a large number of staff and students and encourage more sustainable modes of travel, as seen through the fantastic carbon savings.

Darren Hardwick, Car Parking & Sustainable Travel Manager, The University of Sheffield.