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Inspire and motivate!

Changing habits requires effort. 
Our platform makes that effort attractive, engaging and rewarding.

BetterPoints technology is designed to drive multi-faceted, complex interventions that accelerate engagement in campaigns and motivate ongoing participation, anywhere and at scale.

Inspiring behaviour change 

Whether you want people to walk to the park, cycle to work, use public transport in town, attend events, engage with a consultation, recycle more… BetterPoints campaigns motivate them to do it and make it fun.

How we do it

The BetterPoints mobile 
app combines tracking, motion sensing and user interaction with sophisticated server side algorithms that verify activities and characteristics.

We then link this information to different types and levels of incentives that are awarded to people when they meet certain behavioural goals, such as exercising, completing an activity or trying something new.

We can combine the goals and rewards in myriad ways to meet the client’s objectives and budget. 

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How it works

Each intervention is delivered as a core challenge that typically lasts for 3, 6, 12 or
36 months and uses a mix of goals and rewards to deliver your objectives.

Within the core challenge there can be any number of mini challenges, games and events to maintain engagement. All challenges work by cycling repeatedly through four key steps:

By taking advantage of technology like
this, BetterPoints can target incentives and communications to the right people at the right time.

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Award medals for achieving goals.

For example, a Challenge Player might win a bronze medal for exercising once a week, a silver medal for exercising three times a week and a gold medal for doing it every day.


Arouse competitive streaks!

Pitch players against each other and watch them jostle for top postion.

Prize draws

Offer entries into a virtual tombola.

Players can earn BetterTickets, which are entered into a draw for BetterPoints or physical prizes.


There’s strength in numbers!

Allow players to form teams so goals can be reached and rewarded through their combined effort.

‘BetterPoints gave me the nudge I needed to get off my posterior and get back into being more active.’

– Peter, London


Device accelerometer

QR codes

Third-party datasets

User input



BetterPoints are reward points with real cash value.

They can be spent through the app on vouchers or converted into donations to charity.


BetterTickets are like raffle tickets.

They are automatically entered into prize draws for larger pots of BetterPoints or specially chosen rewards.


Our rewards catalogue holds a wide range of vouchers for high-street retailers.

We can also enable EAN13 barcode scanning for voucher redemption.

Plus, we can create vouchers specially for your local shops.

Local retail

We make it easy for local shops and services to offer rewards.

Our unique Tap&Clear technology allows small businesses to redeem vouchers directly through customers’ devices, safely and easily.

Custom rewards

Create your own!

In addition to the mains vouchers catalogue, we can include special rewards on behalf of clients and their sponsors.


Feed your players’ appetites to help others.

Players can choose from dozens of charities to donate their BetterPoints to.

We can also inclue charities and community groups of your choosing.


App timeline

Send tailored messages that appear directly in the player’s timeline in their app.

Schedule them for a specific time or set them to appear when the player meets specified criteria.

Push notifications

Send alerts, reminders and encouragement directly to the player’s device.

Push notifications will appear on the player’s device, outside of the app, if the player has chosen to receive them.


Promote your challenges to players and non-players alike.

Send targeted emails to segments of BetterPoints’ entire opt-in list.

Masses of data at your fingertips

BetterPoints gives you the tools, infrastructure and support you need to gather and interrogate large amounts of anonymised behaviour data with confidence.

Client dashboards

Each challenge has its own dashboard, where you can view and export real-time data reports.

Impact reports

We can supply bespoke top-level reports to show who your challenge reached and how well it influenced behaviours.

Real-time visuals

Add real-time
visualisations for sophisticated analysis of behaviour, infrastructure, planning, health provision and more.

Cyber Essentials Certified

Built for security 

Data protected

Cyber Essentials Certified.
Formal data protection policy agreed with each client.
Compliant with Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.
Data protection processes reviewed regularly.

Secure architecture

Azure Data Centre.
Separate Web Application Firewall.
HTTPS for all connections.
Nightly backups to separate data-centre.
Servers scale dynamically to meet demand.