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Our Technology

A platform that scales

BetterPoints technology is built for multi-faceted, complex interventions that motivate and accelerate engagement, anywhere and at scale.

Purpose-built for behaviour change

Sophisticated algorithms, incentivisation & communication software and impact analysis tools drive and measure engagement through a mobile app.

Our programmes can be delivered directly through the BetterPoints app, ideal for smaller organisations and budgets.

Alternatively, we can custom-build a white-labelled app specifically for the client, or provide a full platform installation so they can have total control over designing, building and scaling their own behaviour change programmes.

Key features

The BetterPoints platform offers a host of features and functionality to our behaviour change programmes, including:

Mobile app



User segments



Data analysis


CO2/NO2 saved

QR codes










Message plans






Mobile app

Our programmes are delivered through a mobile app. We can host them on our own BetterPoints app, or we can build the client an app of their own.

Through the app, programme participants can record their activities easily, take part in challenges and prize-draws, earn and access rewards and medals, receive alerts and messages, see their progress and impact, and work their way up leaderboards.


Our platform allows us to create segments and cohorts for finer targeting. For example, our technology can:

‣ identify app users that regularly drive short distances and target them with specially-designed incentives;

‣ spot users potentially at risk of developing chronic health problems and target them accordingly.

This allows us to quickly refine the programme delivery to increasing levels of granularity.

Quizzes and surveys

Our platform enables feedback and consultation, from simple polls and quizzes to complex surveys with boolean, multiple-choice and free-text responses.

Incentives can be attached to each of them to encourage participation.

They can be triggered by time, location and user-activity, or scheduled manually.

Data dashboards to measure and evaluate behaviour

The BetterPoints platform combines masses of user-generated app data with demographics and survey responses.

Clients can interrogate the anonymised data in their dashboard, to build a rich picture of behaviour patterns and the incentives that influence them.

Tracking data

User activity automatically generates data on transport mode, speed, time and duration, location and geofenced routes.

Interaction data

All user interactions are recorded, such as QR scans, message clicks and friend referrals. Surveys can be created to gather ‘soft’ feedback or conduct more rigorous consultations. All can be incentivised. 

Demographics data

Anonymised data shared at registration (age, gender identity, postcode area etc), is supplemented with learned information (such as driving habits since registering).

Impact data

This data can all be combined to provide insights around CO2 and NO2 saved, calories burned, duration and distance, behaviour trends, cohort analysis, transport mode shift and network use, and intervention efficacy.

Designed to support the local economy

Reward points, a key plank of most BetterPoints programmes, can be exchanged for vouchers – not just for high-street shops, but for small local retailers – and can be donated to local charities.

The rewards catalogue is accessed directly in the app (no confusing redirection to a website), and generates digital vouchers for immediate use in-store or online.

Alternatively, users can give points to charities from our ever-growing database, directly in the app. These are converted to cost value and donated on their behalf.


Our unique Tap&Clear technology allows small traders to accept and nulify vouchers in-store without a barcode reader, directly in the user’s app.


Clients can use our API to integrate BetterPoints with their own applications and systems.

Built for security

Data protected

Cyber Essentials certified.
✅ Compliant with Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.
✅ Data protection processes reviewed regularly.

Secure architecture

✅ Azure Data Centre.
✅ Separate Web Application Firewall.
✅ HTTPS for all connections.
✅ Servers scale dynamically to meet demand.