We’re improving public health with mobile technology

Reduce health inequalities and increase healthy life expectancy with good Return on Investment

BetterPoints BCMS (Behaviour Change Management System) lets you build effective, efficient public health services. It can be customised rapidly, is hugely flexible and offers sophisticated reporting.

Our solution comprises a portal, content management system, API and user-facing app.

Our evidence-based system makes behaviour interventions effective and affordable.  

One local authority could save £13 million over 10 years with BetterPoints BCMS

The Wellbeing team of a large council can now demonstrate the value of informal activity.

  • 12,000 park visits
  • 35 million calories burned
  • 47% from highly deprived groups
  • 80% of the research group went from inactive to active within four months.
  • And when we analysed the data we found we could save them £13 million over 10 years.

'I wanted to get into walking after my cancer treatment. BetterPoints was perfect for that.' Susan

BetterPoints BCMS helps meet your public health goals

The cost of inactivity in the UK is rising steadily but understanding the problem is only half the battle. Health problems associated with high-risk behaviours – such as diabetes and obesity – manifest over the long term. Without short term feedback it is difficult to find the motivation to change.

BetterPoints Behaviour Change Management System (BCMS) offers a range of rewards to engage with people and offer something that they value, to help take that first step towards a healthy life.

‘I lost three stone and am doing really well. It’s more of an incentive than other apps!' Glenn

We maintain engagement through incremental rewards and regular communications so that we can continue to track behaviour and intervene with tailored offers and communications if and when necessary. All this is done through our technology platform to make it affordable, scalable and evidence based.

Whether you work with school children, excluded pupils, adults with learning difficulties, patients with long-term illness, the elderly or people with chronic heart disease or those that are morbidly inactive, we will help you encourage healthier behaviour.

Whatever your behaviour change goal, BetterPoints BCMS can meet it.

BetterPoints BCMS is an evidence-based behaviour change system that uses a smartphone app to engage participants. It is a technology platform to incentivise change, gather data and analyse evidence at the individual and group level.

On the surface, it looks a bit like a supermarket rewards system: users get more BetterPoints the more they do and can spend them on little luxuries like coffee and clothes, or donate them to charity. But underneath, it’s a compelling system for changing health behaviours and a rich source of public health data.

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