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Transport behaviour change for cities

BetterPoints enabled Bologna to motivate 22,000 people to change their transport behaviour, by using positive incentives.

We can do the same for your city.

Transform public engagement with your Urban Mobility Strategysimply and cost-effectively, with purpose-built technology.

Infrastructures need people

Many UK regions have great and ambitious sustainable travel plans, for modal shift and inner-city regeneration in the drive towards decarbonisation and Net Zero.

Infrastructures are important, but they are not enough on their own. In fact, without the support of the people that you want to use the networks, the infrastructures themselves become pretty meaningless.

Promotional campaigns and financial penalties can go some way towards encouraging people to change their behaviour, but they rarely generate lasting engagement and loyalty.

Win hearts and minds

To get real buy-in, you need people to experience it for themselves, to feel a valued part of the process and to enjoy being involved.

Historically, such large-scale engagement was very tricky and costly to achieve, which meant it was often sidelined.

However, at BetterPoints, we employ cutting-edge technology to make it much simpler and cheaper.

Harness purpose-built technology

We use our smartphone app, sophisticated algorithms and extensive expertise in the field of behaviour change, to:

  • give people a reason to track how they use transport modes and routes;
  • reward them for choosing active or sustainable modes, such as walking, cycling and public transport;
  • gather data and user feedback to inform policy and improve the network.

Get mass engagement, smartly

Your citizens track their journeys through our smartphone app and you reward them for walking, cycling or using public transport. It’s that straightforward – and that’s why it works.

It’s fun, rewarding and participatory. It gives people a positive experience of a city’s urban mobility plans. 

Read more about how the BetterPoints platform works

Change behaviours at scale

When we worked with Bologna, the offer was so compelling that more than 5,000 people signed up as soon as it launched.

Over two six-month programmes (named Bella Mossa) in 2017 and 2018, 1.9 million active or sustainable journeys were recorded by 22,000 people, offsetting an estimated 1.4 million kg of Co2 emissions. 

And a staggering 63% of Bella Mossa participants said it motivated them to use their cars less.

Bella Mossa was so successful, the BBC made this short film about it.

We could do this for you.

The behaviour change benefits of such programmes are staggering. Let us show you how we can engage your citizens with your sustainable mobility plans.

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Used their cars less

1.4 million kg

of CO2 emissions were offset*

1.9 million

active or sustainable journeys were tracked

City-wide sustainable transport initiative in Bologna



Bella Mossa two-year comparison report



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Who are BetterPoints?

BetterPoints is a behaviour change technology company that tracks movement and travel methods and rewards users for forming healthier and more sustainable habits. The platform generates huge amounts of rich data and has been used across Europe to analyse travel patterns and behaviours.

* The CO2 offset for these programmes was based on Defra calculations for emissions from a large car.