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Public Health

Save over £3 for every £1 you spend on effective prevention programmes.

Public health teams aim to improve population health and reduce inequalities, but implementing data-led, person-centred care is challenging – and costly.

BetterPoints helps by mobilising the ‘Three Pillars’ of Public Health Management – Prevention, Protection, and Promotion – enabling councils like Buckinghamshire to cut physical inactivity, obesity, and smoking, while saving nearly £4 for every £1 spent.

BetterPoints mobilises the Three Pillars of Public Health


Real, measurable behaviour change through targeted incentives, engagement and support.


Collaboration across integrated care providers connects on-the-ground services with the evidence base.


In-app surveys and ‘pulse’ questions at the time of an activity engage residents in two-way communication. 

Engage people in their health management.

BetterPoints supports local authority public health efforts through a personalised app that manages incentives, rewards, and messaging. 

The app engages residents with reminders and motivational messages triggered by activity or context, delivered via push notifications and in-app messages.

Prove progress.

BetterPoints programmes empower people to record and understand progress, offering real-time insights through a password-protected online dashboard. 

This helps public health teams evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and make informed decisions.

BetterPoints’ data analytics capabilities let them build graphs, charts and heatmaps for valuable insights into individual and community-level trends, patterns, and outcomes.

As well as the data, BetterPoints programmes generate rich personal feedback and testimonies through in-app questions and surveys.

Personalise recommendations.

The BetterPoints app can give tailored suggestions for activities and services, connecting individuals to services that promote healthy lifestyles.

We don’t rely on algorithms – we use humans too. 

Our platform is purpose-built and second-to-none, but we don’t rely just on computers when it comes to motivating human behaviour.

We give you a dedicated manager for the life of your programme, supported by our team of behaviour change experts.

Behavioural Science

Behaviour Change is increasingly recognised as an important function within Public Health teams in local authorities. BetterPoints works closely with Behavioural Science teams, using shared approaches such as the Com-B model, identifying barriers to change and selecting appropriate behaviour change techniques to address them. 

BetterPoints programmes can support, compliment and provide evidence of success for the wider behaviour change initiatives in Public Health.

To chat about how we can support your behaviour change initiatives, please feel free to email Hannah, our Chief Behavioural Scientist.

More about the BetterPoints methodology

I’ve lost 7 stone since using the BetterPoints app’ – Fiona

BetterPoints has helped thousands of people like Fiona to improve their health. Flick through the booklet below to read her story and others.

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