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Social Prescribing with BetterPoints

BetterPoints – just what the doctor ordered.

BetterPoints is the perfect companion to social prescriptions because it helps individuals stay motivated and engaged in their prescribed activities (such as active travel).

At the same time, it enables link workers and healthcare professionals to manage the process, track progress and evaluate impact.

Encourage participation.

BetterPoints motivates people to follow their social prescription by giving them incentives and rewards for undertaking the prescribed activity, such as walking, wheeling, cycling, attending appointments and taking part in events.

They can be sent reminders and motivational messages that are scheduled in advance, triggered by activity or pushed out manually. These can be delivered as emails, push-notifications and in-app messages.

Track progress.

BetterPoints programmes baseline people’s activity, track their progress and their monitor achievements over time.

This gives the individual a sense of achievement and added motivation, which increases the likelihood of behaviour change.

Healthcare professionals and social prescribers can access and share the anonymised data for spotting and monitoring trends.

Physical activity

The app enables people to record many physical activities automatically, so they don’t need to remember to log them. These include walking, wheeling, running and cycling.

Appointment check-ins

Participants can be asked to scan a QR code when they attend an appointment, such as at a clinic for obesity or smoking cessation.

These give the participant proof of attendance and the prescriber a record of activity.

Personalise recommendations.

The BetterPoints app can give tailored suggestions for activities and services based on individual interests, needs, and the specific social prescription.

This personalised approach connects individuals to relevant community resources and services that match their preferences and requirements.

Gather feedback and data.

Link workers and social prescribers can baseline physical activity and track progress.

BetterPoints’ data analytics capabilities let them build graphs, charts and heatmaps for valuable insights into individual and community-level trends, patterns, and outcomes.

As well as the data, BetterPoints programmes generate rich personal feedback and testimonies through in-app questions and surveys.

Healthcare professionals, social prescribers and local authorities can use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of social prescribing programmes, identify areas for improvement, and make informed, data-driven decisions for future interventions.

We don’t rely on algorithms – we use humans too. 

Our platform is purpose-built and second-to-none, but we don’t rely just on computers when it comes to motivating human behaviour.

We give you a dedicated manager for the life of your programme, supported by our team of behaviour change experts.

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I’ve lost 7 stone since using the BetterPoints app’ – Fiona

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