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Business-ready HR tool for happy and healthy home-workers

The coronavirus pandemic has put an unprecendented strain on the mental health of employees. 5-a-Day from BetterPoints gives employers and HR teams a simple and effective way to support the mental and physical wellbeing of staff in these new circumstances, and to spot early warning signs if things begin to deteriorate.

5-a-Day: Feel great; Look great; Walk to work; Connect with others; Clock off.

5 incentivised activities for a healthy and structured working day

5-a-Day uses our behaviour change technology to give HR teams a simple, fun and effective way to support colleagues’ mental and physical wellbeing, and to spot early warning signs if things began to deteriorate.

1: Feel great!

Freshen-up with a shower, fuel-up with a good breakfast and start the day feeling alive!

2: Look great!

Feel fabulous in clothes you love and ace those Zoom calls.

3: Walk to work

Go for a walk, a run or a cycle. Get some air in your lungs and a spring in your step so you start work ready to take on the world.

5: Connect with others

Human contact is what keeps us going, so chat in person with at least one colleague during the day.

5: Clock off

Go for a walk, dig the garden, bake a cake – do something to mark the end of your working day.

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