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About us

Since 2010, BetterPoints technology has motivated people to change their behaviour to cut air pollution, reduce congestion and improve health & wellbeing.

In 2010, Dan Gipple and a small team of social entrepreneurs and investors had a vision of a highly scalable, data-led platform that would motivate and reward people for managing their health better, travelling more responsibly, living more sustainably and contributing to their communities.

Since then, our apps have been used by tens of thousands of people in the UK, Europe and Latin America. Businesses, local authorities and transport companies use BetterPoints to get people walking and cycling, reduce carbon footprints and promote ESG strategies, encourage use of public transport, stimulate healthy activity, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Cutting-edge technology

BetterPoints technology is designed to drive multi-faceted, complex interventions that accelerate engagement in campaigns and motivate ongoing participation, anywhere and at scale.

Our mobile
 apps combine tracking, motion sensing and user interaction with sophisticated server-side algorithms that verify activities and characteristics.

We then link this information to different types and levels of incentives that are awarded to people when they meet certain behavioural goals, such as exercising, completing an activity or trying something new.

We can combine the goals and rewards in myriad ways to meet the client’s objectives and budget. 

Behaviour change that works

Each BetterPoints campaign typically lasts for 3 months or more, and uses a mix of goals and rewards to deliver your objectives.

Within the core challenge there can be any number of mini challenges, games and events to maintain engagement. All challenges work by cycling repeatedly through four key steps:

The system has been developed alongside behavioural scientists at University College London (UCL), and through more than a decade of partnerships with businesses and local authorities, and is continuously evolving.

Deep, intelligent data

We have built incredibly sophisticated algorithms that gather masses of data about user behaviour, which we combine with survey responses and anonymised demographic information. Our clients interrogate this data with graphs, charts and heatmaps, for analysis, reporting and modelling.

The app has fantastic potential to help us kick-start a green recovery for local businesses through active and sustainable travel.

Dan Bianco

Brighton and Hove City Council

Instead of getting in the car to pop to the shops, I get the buggy out and walk there instead! Fresh air for baby and me, and I’ve lost half a stone too!


App user

This app has literally changed my life. It’s made me so much more active and I am so thankful for it.


App user