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We pioneer technology to help people adopt new behaviours and adapt to changing situations. It’s needed now more than ever.

Since 2010, BetterPoints technology has encouraged people to change their behaviour to cut air pollution, reduce congestion and improve health & wellbeing. But the coronavirus pandemic has taught us that changing behaviour is not always a choice.

We’re evolving constantly

BetterPoints pivoted quickly in April 2020, shifting our focus to helping the public and private sectors adapt with the rapidly changing circumstances.

Our activity had been all about encouraging people to be active outside, share car journeys and use public transport. But within a week of the first lockdown announcement, we had changed our platform to focus on working from home, indoor activity and acts of kindness.

It started with a vision

In 2010, Dan Gipple and a small team of social entrepreneurs and investors had a vision of a highly scalable, data-led platform that would motivate and reward people for managing their health better, travelling more responsibly, living more sustainably and contributing to their communities.

They saw a looming future of an inactive, overweight and ageing population that was growing and living longer, with economies and infrastructures that could no longer support it and a planet that could no longer survive it.

And they saw that inactivity was at the root of the problem.

Inactivity costs the EU €80 billion a year, €5 billion more than the entire world spends on cancer drugs, according to the Centre for Economic and Business Research. ‘These costs could be avoided,’ says the Centre, ‘if all Europeans were to achieve an average of 20 minutes per day of simple and inexpensive activities such as walking or running.’

Reward Your World – incentivising behaviour change

But how do you motivate people to do something they think they won’t like?  
Two members of the team had worked in the rewards points industry. What if, they thought, they applied similar tactics to social change? If incentives schemes worked for consumer behaviour, why not for social behaviour? 

And so Reward Your World Ltd was launched. The team brought in expertise in behaviour change and built the BetterPoints mobile app and management system. It caught on and so, in 2016, the company bit the bullet and changed its name to BetterPoints Ltd.

BetterPoints – used by thousands

The app has been used by tens of thousands of people in the UK, Europe and Latin America, travelling more than 14 million miles using active or sustainable modes of transport. 

Businesses have used it to reduce their carbon footprint; bus companies have used it to encourage use of public transport; health bodies have used it to encourage healthy activity; local authorities have used it to reduce congestion and improve air quality; companies have used it to motivate employees.

Award-winning behaviour change technology

We are absolutely thrilled with the recognition our work has received. Accolades include a CIVITAS ‘Bold Measure’ Award for its part in encouraging 20,000 citizens of Bologna to leave their cars at home, Healthy Streets and Pride of Reading awards for motivating people to cycle in and around Reading, and recognition in the London Sport Awards, Business Green Technology Awards and workingmums Top Employer Awards.

Meet the team

‘The team at BetterPoints have been fantastic to work with from start to finish.’

– Sustrans

Richard Kirk

Executive Chairman

Dan Gipple


Chris Bristow

Chief Operating Officer

Hannah Bowden

Director of Programmes

Brendan O’Flaherty

Business Development Director

Joe Oldak

Head of Engineering

Anne Lancaster

Product Manager

Kristine Bloor,

Programme Account Manager

Hannah Stephens

National Programme Account Manager

Lobelia Lawson

Lead Local Programme Implementation Manager

Kerri French

Programme Engagement Manager

Uzma Mukhtar

Customer Care and Incentives

Sylvia Zagros

Customer Care

Michael Grimes

B2B Marketing Manager

Rachel Maile

Marketing Officer: Development and Research