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Transport behaviour change for NHS

Supercharge your NHS
Green Plan by bringing your staff with you!

However good your Green Plan looks on paper, it will have little impact if your staff are not on board.

Engage them in the process, reduce their use of cars, and improve your impact on the community – all in one app.

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We change how people move.

We can move your NHS staff from unnecessary car journeys to walking, wheeling, cycling, car-sharing and public transport, by encouraging, tracking and rewarding active and sustainable travel. And we can do all the donkey-work, so you don’t have to.


Challenge your staff to use active and sustainable modes of transport.

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Track journeys automatically and define geographical parameters.

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Reward activity and achievements with reward points, medals and prizes.

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Generate large amounts of data to support your Green Plan.

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Challenge and reward behaviour change. 

Reduce unnecessary car journeys, cut carbon emissions from staff travel, reduce demand for staff parking, and promote your walking and cycling schemes.

Set goals and challenges around active and sustainable travel, such as leaving the car at home or hitting a target for CO2 avoided. 

You can also encourage and reward other activities, such as using reusable cups in canteens.

Reward activity with BetterPoints and BetterTickets, and achievements with virtual medals. The more they do, the more they get.

Encourage friendly competition with leaderboards.

Keep motivation levels high with prize draws. Prizes can be anything you like, including more BetterPoints.

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Identify and track journeys, automatically.

Our app automatically identifies and tracks journeys – including walking, wheeling, cycling, bus, train, tram, car, and car-sharing.

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Calculate CO2 and NO2 avoided, in real time.

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Specify routes and locations.

Geofence specific areas and locations that you want to qualify for rewards or monitor performance.

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Add QR codes for extra engagement.

For example, add scannable QR codes to your bicycle and scooter hire and reward people when they use them.

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Communicate – 2-way.

Build a campaign of staff engagement that includes in-app messages, push-notifications and email.

Baseline activity and gather feedback with targeted polls and surveys.

Consult with staff on your Green Plan, directly through the app. Use surveys and two-way messages for richer feedback and co-designing.

Promote other related activity to your staff, such as local campaigns and events.

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Get masses of data.

Generate large amounts of invaluable, anonymised data on transport choices, CO2 and NO2 saved, and behaviour changed.

Baseline and track transport behaviour for analysis and reporting.

Generate configurable graphs, charts and heatmaps that inform, improve and promote your Green Plan, your Climate Change Risk Assessment and your journey to reaching the BREEAM Excellent standard.

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We don’t rely on algorithms – we use humans too. 

Our platform is purpose-built and second-to-none, but we don’t rely just on computers when it comes to motivating human behaviour.

We give you a dedicated manager for the life of your programme, supported by our team of behaviour change experts.

We help you define your programme and can then do the donkey work so you don’t have to.

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Show colleagues how BetterPoints can improve and demonstrate your impact on sustainability, staff engagement, and the local community. 

What are BetterPoints and BetterTickets?

BetterPoints are reward points with real cash value. They can be exchanged for vouchers or donated to charity, directly through the app.

BetterTickets are like lottery tickets. They are automatic tickets for prize draws that you schedule. The more BetterTickets someone has, the greater chance they have of winning.