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Alleviate disruption from
highways maintenance and infrastructure development.

Reward journeys that are walked, wheeled, cycled or on public transport.

Geofence routes and locations to promote or monitor.

Target specific routes, pinch-points and times of day.

Congestion is people.
People can change.

Congestion is caused by traffic. Traffic is people in cars.

Reduce the volume of car journeys and you reduce the amount of congestion – 

and carbon emissions.

How? That’s where BetterPoints comes in.

Cut emissions from
road transport.

Baseline travel behaviour.

Reward people for using cars less.

Motivate them by showing their CO2 and NO2 emissions saved.

Identify and target regular drivers of unnecessary car journeys.

Win hearts and minds
for changing the way we travel.

Engage people in the planning process.

Communicate directly.

Collect and share stories of real-life impact.

Promote local initiatives, events and offers.

Gather masses of insights and data from the app.

Learn more about transport habits and network use.

Track carbon emissions saved.

Build graphs, charts and heatmaps.

Discover effective motivators.

We don’t rely on algorithms – we use humans too. 

Our platform is purpose-built and second-to-none, but we don’t rely just on computers when it comes to motivating human behaviour.

We give you a dedicated manager for the life of your programme, supported by our team of behaviour change experts.

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