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BetterPoints National Rewards Winter Challenge 2018

BetterPoints National Rewards Winter Challenge 2018

The beginning of December saw the launch of the BetterPoints National Rewards Winter Challenge. We understand that when the weather is cold it can be harder to motivate people to get out and about on two feet or two wheels – it can be very tempting to just jump in the car, even for short journeys. We also know that the cold winter months can be a particularly difficult time for those in society with a less than ideal housing situation.

With both these things in mind, we dreamed up the BetterPoints Winter Challenge. Over the three months from 1 December to 28 February we’re supporting Shelter. Every year this UK charity helps millions of people struggling with inadequate housing or homelessness, through advice, support and legal services. And Shelter campaigns to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to them for help.

To get app users involved and give them some extra motivation we’re challenging everyone in our National Rewards programme to virtually travel around the earth – on two feet or two wheels! The Earth’s circumference is roughly 25,000 miles. Every time the challenge participants collectively travel 25,000 miles, we will donate £25 – the cash value of one point for each mile – to Shelter.

The challenge gets people working together to achieve a common goal, which our experience tells us can give them the extra nudge they need to get started and keep going.  We often use this in a more specific way with our ‘Team Earning’ feature, just one of our gamification features.  ‘Gamification’ employs game-like approaches in real-life contexts to elicit behaviour change. These features make using the BetterPoints app more engaging, more fun and reach those who need an extra nudge to get going. At BetterPoints our in-house team of developers are constantly developing and evolving our app and the way in which the features can be used.

Participants in the National Rewards Winter Challenge will earn rewards for themselves, too – in the form of BetterTickets. As well contributing to Shelter’s BetterPoints pot participants will also earn one BetterTicket for each mile they run, walk or cycle during the challenge. Tickets will be entered into our weekly prize draw for 25 lots of 5,000 BetterPoints. Of course, any BetterPoints user can choose to donate some or all of their BetterPoints balance to a wide range of local and national charities and organisations at any time – our generous app users have donated almost £10,000 to charities to date.

This winter, through the challenge, we’re delighted to support Shelter. BetterPoints is all about encouraging and enabling behaviour change. In 2017/18, thanks to Shelter’s help, 36,000 households saw a positive change in their housing situation – so as our app users clock up the miles virtually travelling around the world, they are also enabling change for others.

We also run BetterPoints programmes for public bodies and private organisations. To find out more about using the BetterPoints platform in your own organisation, Request a demo and we’ll be in touch. Or join our mailing list to keep abreast of developments.