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Shortlisted for flexible working award

Shortlisted for flexible working award

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for Flexible Business of the Year in the 2018 mumandworking Awards.

Flexibility allows companies to respond swiftly and appropriately to client needs and business demands.

BetterPoints recruits people in the areas of the country where they are needed: wherever there is a potential new client, conference or meeting, one of us will be within reach. 

Our 14-strong team all work from home in Birmingham, Cambridge, Dover, London, Manchester, Reading and Sheffield. We don’t waste time and resources commuting to an office, we don’t have high overheads and we don’t have to stick to the nine-to-five. 

Nine of us have young children and can fit our work around their schedules and needs as well as the needs of the business. This means we can recruit the very best people and not simply those who can get to a physical office by a specified time. 

Our flexibility allows us to respond to queries in a timely fashion, despite our small size. 

Read more about BetterPoints and flexible working, here.

Voting opens in January and finalists will be announced in early February.