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BetterPoints documents for Liftshare

We've put together a list of downloadable documents on this page to help you explain the collaboration between Liftshare and BetterPoints.

Who are BetterPoints?

BetterPoints is a behaviour change technology company that tracks movement and travel methods and rewards users for forming healthier and more sustainable habits. The platform generates huge amounts of rich data and has been used across Europe to analyse travel patterns and behaviours.

Why Liftshare?

Before now, the incentivisation or rewarding of car-sharing has been a manual process. Many organisations offer priority parking, entry into prize draws or money to use in canteens. With integration, they now have access to an automated, seamless mechanism for users to collect and redeem points when they travel.

BetterPoints has a wide range of high-street vouchers gift cards for shops like John Lewis, Tesco, Starbucks and Amazon, but also makes it easy for local businesses to benefit. And for those motivated by philanthropy, points can also be donated to scores of charities and community groups.

By working together, the companies hope to help companies and local authorities drive behaviour change amongst their staff and residents to more sustainable, climate-friendly modes of transport such as walking, cycling and car-sharing.