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CIVITAS 'Bold Measure' Award, 2017

SRM, the transport authority in Bologna, Italy won this award for their partnership with BetterPoints in the first Bella Mossa programmeto reduce the number of single-occupancy car journeys in the city.

The Bold Measure Award is given is given 'to a city that adopts a daring and innovative approach that has not been widely implemented yet, and positions the city as a pioneer'.

Accepting the award in Torres Vedras, Portugal, Irene Priolo, Bologna’s Deputy Mayor, said:

‘Bella Mossa ... has been one of the most effective tools to promote sustainable mobility in our city in an innovative, fun, and incentivizing way.

‘Through Bella Mossa, the city of Bologna has been able to establish a very effective public-private partnership, involving public bodies, businesses and thousands of citizens in a great mobility game.’

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Healthy Streets Award for 'Modal Shift', 2017

We worked with Reading Borough Council on their BikeSmart Reading programme to encourage cycling. More than 600 people actively took part and made 30,000 cycle journeys. Together, they cycled 331,762 miles, equivalent to 13 times round the planet!

The annual Healthy Streets Awards are run by the transport and infrastructure agency, Landor LINKS, to 'recognise and reward excellence in the planning and delivery of Healthy Street improvements in towns and cities in Great Britain and Ireland'.

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Pride of Reading 'Business Environment Award', 2017

Another gong for BikeSmart Reading!

The annual Pride of Reading Awards celebrate 'the exceptional people who make Reading a unique place to live and work'. Reading Borough Council's BikeSmart programme, with funding from the European H2020 Empower initiative, commissioned BetterPoints to encourage and help people to cycle more.

Karen Robertson, of our Reading-based partner, Avanti Cycling, said:

'The fantastic thing about this project was it got people who might not want to go on their bikes and gave them the confidence to do that two-to-five mile journey that they would usually do in their car'.

The Business Environment Award was presented by the veteran broadcaster, Chris Tarrant (pictured), and sponsored by the Reading-based planning and design consultancy, Barton Willmore, to reward companies 'who are seriously considering and acting upon reducing their impact' on the environment.

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London Sport Awards 2019

Technology for Participation Award

The London Sport Awards recognise groups and individuals working to strengthen physical activity and sport in the nation’s capital. The Technology for Participation Award recognises the role of technology in supporting people to be more physically active across the capital.

We were one of three to be shortlisted in that category from 'around 40 nominations'.

Business Green Technology Awards 2018

App of the Year and Transport Technology of the Year

The BusinessGreen Technology Awards celebrate the 'cutting edge technologies and innovators' working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low carbon economy.

We were shortlisted in two categories: App of the Year for the innovation of our BetterPoints smartphone app and Transport Technology of the Year for its use in Bologna's Bella Mossa programme to reduce single-occupancy car journeys and increase active travel.

Healthy Streets Awards 2018

Behaviour Change Initiative

Landor's Healthy Streets Awards 'recognise and reward excellence in the planning and delivery of Healthy Street improvements in towns and cities in Great Britain and Ireland'.

The Behaviour Change Initiative Award recognises marketing campaigns that engage with their target audiences, have a measurable impact, are replicable elsewhere and are great value for money.

We were shortlisted for our work with Ebbsfleet Garden City to increase levels of physical activity in the area, where there are high levels of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Smarter Travel Awards 2018


The Smarter Travel Awards recognise 'the smart projects, people and technologies that are defining future mobility. They showcase 'how lives in the 21st century are being improved by enabling effective mobility options across our towns and cities'.

BetterPoints was shortlisted for the innovation of its Behaviour Change Management System and smartphone app and their use in a number of programmes for encouraging more sustainable travel.

Mum and Working Awards 2018

Flexible Business of the Year

The annual Mum and Working Awards pioneering awards 'celebrate the UK's leading lights in the world of flexible working – those amazing and inspiring individuals, businesses, charities and networks demonstrating and showcasing how working practice and family-life can go hand in hand with huge potential benefits for all involved'.

BetterPoints was shortlisted for Flexible Business of the Year because of our flexible and inclusive working practices. Our 14 strong UK-based team all work from home in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Reading, Cambridge, London and the South Coast. Nine of us had pre-school or school-aged children and fitted work around their schedules and needs as well as the needs of the business.

workingmums Top Employer Awards 2018

SME Award annual Top Employer Awards 'celebrate best practice in smart working and advancing women in the workplace'.

The SME award is for organisations that demonstrate a real commitment to work-life balance practices that specifically help working parents.

BetterPoints was shortlisted for this award because of our family-friendly working practices. Half of our 14-strong team are working mothers with pre-school or school-aged children and have the flexibility to balance the demands of work and family.

European Social Innovation Awards 2017

The European Social Innovation Awards shortlisted five initiatives based on their innovation and creativity, how they solved problems, their impact on society and their scalability.

BetterPoints was shortlisted for its partnership with the transport authority in Bologna on the first Bella Mossa programme to reduce the use of motor vehicles and promote active travel.

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