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Business-ready HR tool for happy and healthy home-workers

The coronavirus pandemic has put an unprecedented strain on the mental health of employees. 5-a-Day from BetterPoints gives employers and HR teams a simple and effective way to support the mental and physical wellbeing of staff in these new circumstances, and to spot early warning signs if things begin to deteriorate.

5-a-Day: Feel great; Look great; Walk to work; Connect with others; Clock off.

5 activities for a healthy and structured working day

5-a-Day uses our behaviour change technology to help your home-working staff structure a healthy and productive working day, by encouraging, supporting and rewarding them for doing five daily routine activities.

5-a-Day, 1: Feel great

1: Feel great!

Freshen-up with a shower, fuel-up with a good breakfast and start the day feeling alive!

5-a-Day, 2: Look great

2: Look great!

Feel fabulous in clothes you love and ace those Zoom calls.

5-a-Day, 3: Walk to work

3: ‘Walk to work’

Go for a walk, a run or a cycle even though you work from home. Get some air in your lungs and a spring in your step so you start work ready to take on the world.

5-a-Day, 4: Connect with others

4: Connect 

Storm the watercooler! Human contact is what keeps us going, so make space for ‘watercooler’ chats with at least one colleague during the day.

5-a-Day, 5: Clock off

5: Clock off

Go for a walk, dig the garden, bake a cake – do something to mark the end of your working day.

Incentives to keep going

Starting is easy, but new routines take time to bed in. So, out of the box, 5-a-Day includes proven incentives such as medals for employees to collect, motivational messages, prize draws, and tools for you to create your own engaging content. You can also add the power of financial incentives in the form of our BetterPoints currency, which can be exchanged for high-street vouchers or donated to charity.



Employees collect bronze, silver and gold medals when they reach milestones for each activity.



Schedule tailored push notifications and in-app messages, either as reminders or to evoke a response.



Target your employees with inspiring stories, helpful tips and fun or practical surveys.

Prize draws


Trigger prize-draw invitations at strategic moments, and award prizes that fit your aims and budget.



BetterPoints are reward points with real cash value. They can be redeemed for vouchers or converted into donations to any charity or cause.

Feedback and insights

As standard, 5-a-Day gives you a data dashboard to see how your staff are engaging with the programme and where extra intervention or support may be needed.

Polls and surveys


Additionally, we can build you a bespoke set of incentivised, targeted and triggered feedback loops. This opens up many possibilities for gathering insights and providing support, such as daily mood checks and needs analysis questionnaires. Talk to us about your aims and requirements.

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