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Praise for BetterPoints

Here’s what our app users are saying about how BetterPoints is getting them more active…

Excellent for encouraging better health and well-being. Easy to use app. Support team are great too. Very responsive.


What started out as “Oh well, let’s see if I can earn the odd voucher” has genuinely changed my habits!

Liz, Birmingham

Fantastic incentive. I need to exercise daily because of arthritis, affecting knees, hips and back. BetterPoints is supporting me in my desire to stay focused and maintain mobility as I age. Thank you, BetterPoints!

Viv, Salford

I find BetterPoints is great for motivating me to cycle and walk that bit further and for tracking my route. Choosing to donate points to charity or reward yourself is also a fantastic incentive.

Richard, Reading

The BetterPoints app is really easy to use, well laid out and provides goals and rewards all displayed in one place. I find myself wanting to walk for longer periods of time to see the points add up, me and my son have opted to walk to and from school rather than going in the car.

Kimberly, Skelmersdale

BetterPoints gave me the nudge I needed to get off my posterior and get back into being more active.

Peter, Sutton, London

BetterPoints is more than the rewards, it’s meeting goals and then looking back and self-reflecting, and realising how far I’ve come makes me feel really proud of my achievement.

Vidya, Hampshire