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1,000 non-cyclists jump in the saddle for Bike Week

1,000 non-cyclists jump in the saddle for Bike Week

Last week was Bike Week (10–16 June), and BetterPoints programmes gave extra incentives and encouragement to have a go at cycling for transport.

More than 1,000 people who identified as non-cyclists at the beginning of the week jumped in the saddle and clocked up more than 2,000 miles between them.

BetterPoints is working with local authorities across the UK (and beyond!) to make healthy and sustainable behaviour the norm, which includes the way we travel. Cycling can be a cheap, convenient and healthy transport option for many people, once they discover it – and we help them do that.

Our programmes offer incentives, encouragement, and a real-time chronicle of an individual’s activity and its positive impact on their health and on the climate.

In fact, we are assessing the impact of our non-cyclists in Bike Week and currently estimate they could have saved more than 500kg by travelling differently.

And it’s not just cycling. BetterPoints programmes can monitor and measure pretty much any form of travel, whether it’s walking, wheeling, running, car, train, bus, or tram – we have even tracked scooters and ferry journeys before now.

Programmes that help people shift to more active and sustainable forms of transport are important for local authorities to activate their infrastructures and remould society’s relationship with the environment.

They can also have a big impact on public health targets and can deliver tangible return on investment (ROI), with solid evidence for measuring social impact and outcomes.