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Author: Michael Grimes

“I walk everywhere now” – How Leicestershire councils are motivating thousands of people to walk and cycle

As the UK’s Capability Fund allocations are released, we wanted to share a brand new video with you. It shows how and why Leicester City and Leicestershire County councils use BetterPoints to get more people to choose walking, cycling and public transport over using the car. It’s been very successful, as evidenced by user Nusrat’s…
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Hounslow is the latest council to incentivise better health with BetterPoints

It is well-known, nowadays, that physical inactivity is a killer. It’s responsible for one in six deaths in the UK (equal to smoking) and is estimated to cost us £7.4 billion annually [Public Health England, 2019]. It can cause serious health problems such as obesity, chronic heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.   Poor diet is also a major risk factor for premature death [NHS, 2021]. Almost two-thirds of adults in England are overweight or obese, while obesity-related…
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Rental bikes with QR codes reward sustainable travel in Brighton & Hove

The Brighton & Hove bike rental scheme, BTN BikeShare, has adorned the baskets of its bicycles with BetterPoints QR codes, to make it easy for people to join the local Move for Change challenge.  Move for Change, which launched in February, was commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council to reward people for travelling actively…
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Active Travel in Wales – engagement and communication is crucial, webinar attendees told

Transport infrastructures are not viable, however innovative they may be, if people don’t use them. Our recent webinar on making the active travel infrastructure work in Wales showed how mass engagement can be achieved, through a unique combination of BetterPoints behaviour change technology, communication delivered through the transport consultancy, Ansons Consulting, and local transport expert,…
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Electric cars are not a panacea for net zero – we need a change of attitudes and behaviours, not simply a change of furniture

The UK Government is putting too much focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and not enough on alternatives, warned the think tank, IPPR, this week. Their analysis of the Committee on Climate Change’s sixth carbon budget said that current approaches to reaching net-zero could lead to even greater levels of traffic, congestion and pressure on local…
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