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Author: Jack Windle

People in Sheffield rewarded for walking and cycling

BetterPoints is delighted to be working with Sheffield City Council on a new campaign designed to inspire greener and healthier journeys. The council wants to encourage people to try sustainable transport options. BetterPoints Sheffield, which launches this month, will reward everyone who lives, works or studies in the city to earn rewards for getting around…
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BetterPoints returns to Falkirk with rewards for walking, cycling and using public transport

Falkirk Council is leading the way in changing transport habits by commissioning an innovative behaviour change campaign, provided through another partnership between Ansons Consulting and BetterPoints.  The programme is called Take the Right Route, using a well-established local brand which promotes walking, cycling and public transport. Participants can earn BetterPoints for active and sustainable travel.…
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What has World Heart Day got to do with walking and cycling?

This World Heart Day, we’re taking a look at the benefits of active travel for heart health.  The World Heart Federation is an umbrella organisation uniting patient, medical and scientific groups into a global cardiovascular community. They run World Heart Day to raise awareness about cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the world’s biggest killer:…
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