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BetterPoints gets hundreds of people walking more for National Walking Month

BetterPoints gets hundreds of people walking more for National Walking Month

Hundreds of people took up our challenge to walk more during National Walking Month in May. Together, they covered more than 10,000 miles. 

Every year, May is designated National Walking Month by the charity, Living Streets. Not to miss an opportunity to encourage people to walk, BetterPoints joined in.

The NHS says that adults aged 19-64 should do ‘at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity’ every week. So, last month, we challenged you to walk for at least twenty minutes a day, and to try doing that for at least five consecutive days.

965 people took up our challenge. In total, they walked 13,086 miles, an average of nearly half a mile each of solid walking every day.

Getting involved was easy: download our app and track your walking. If you walked for 20 minutes or more in a day, we gave you 10 BetterPoints; if you managed that for at least five days in a row, we gave you another 50 BetterPoints and an entry into our prize draw. The winner of the prize draw (yet to be announced) will get £50 in vouchers for themselves and a £50 donation to their favourite charity.

Participants took to the first part of the challenge and logged more than 7,000 walking activities between them.

More than 500 of them did the five consecutive days at least once, and many managed it three times; however, twelve valiant folk pulled it off every single week during May.

One of those was Mary, who walks to keep the weight away; likewise, David, who set up a walking club with colleagues.

Then there’s June, a community volunteer who likes a challenge, and Karen, who has to fit walking around caring for her immobile mother.

Thanks to everyone that took part in our challenge for National Walking Month this year. Happy walking!

Image: Walk this Way… by Tom Driggers. Licence: CC-BY-2.0.