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Enterprise Car Club and BetterPoints: Rewarding Sustainable Travel in Milton Keynes

Enterprise Car Club and BetterPoints: Rewarding Sustainable Travel in Milton Keynes

Drivers in Milton Keynes can earn BetterPoints as an incentive for using Enterprise Car Club instead of private cars. The initiative is part of Milton Keynes Council’s Get Around Rewards programme, which encourages people to use more sustainable options.    

Until the end of October, residents and commuters in Milton Keynes can download the free BetterPoints app, track their active and sustainable journeys, and earn reward points and prize draw tickets. The reward points – BetterPoints – can be redeemed for a whole host of retail vouchers or donated to charities.  

According to research by CoMoUK, each car club vehicle takes 20 private cars off the road. As an extra incentive to reduce their reliance on private cars, they can earn additional BetterPoints for using Enterprise Car Club for those journeys which require a vehicle. To do that, they simply pick up a car from one of eight Car Club locations in Milton Keynes and scan the QR code in the vehicles welcome pack.  

Enterprise has a range of fuel-efficient cars and vans that can be rented by the hour or by the day, and the Car Club is a great way of getting around when driving is the only viable option. Members have access to vehicles across the UK, which they can pick up from a convenient street, train station, car park or Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch.   

Enterprise Car Club Membership includes fuel, servicing, MOTs, breakdown cover, insurance and cleaning – and members only pay for a vehicle when they need it, not when they don’t. What’s more, Milton Keynes residents can currently save £50 on their first year’s membership, joining for just £10; plus, they can get £10 free driving credit.  

 Dan Gursel, Managing Director of Enterprise Car Club said:

“This is a great initiative which provides even more reason to switch to Car Club as a way to meet changing travel patterns.” 

Richard Kirk, CEO of BetterPoints, said:  

“I am delighted that BetterPoints rewards are available to Enterprise users in Milton Keynes. I strongly encourage anyone in the Milton Keynes area to give the Enterprise Car Club a try – not just to earn rewards, but to discover how easy it is to live without the cost, hassle and environmental impact of owning a car, and to drive only when it is absolutely necessary.”  

Get Around Rewards runs in Milton Keynes until 31 October.