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Festival of Digital Disruption Tech for Good conference, Reading

Festival of Digital Disruption Tech for Good conference, Reading

On a chilly day in Reading, I joined hundreds of others in having a taster of the breadth and depth of technology used for good. Many speakers were homegrown from the Thames Valley, like us at BetterPoints, but many joined us from further afield. The lineup was wonderfully diverse, and the subject matter was surprisingly varied, from opening up space data research tools, to a wearable technology glove that understands sign language, to how drones can carry blood samples between hospitals. The audience was also from very mixed backgrounds – from seasoned technologists, to those creating their own startups and large groups of young people from surrounding schools and colleges who were interested in how technology can be used for good. This was especially encouraging to see!

Dan Gipple, CEO of BetterPoints, sat on the panel of innovators of Tech for Good and was asked how technology can be used for good but can have big economic impacts. He responded by explaining how BetterPoints can be used by CCGs to run a programme on a wide scale for a tight budget – by motivating those people newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to be more active, this could save the NHS huge amounts of money in the future as well as enhancing the life chances of these people.

The Festival of Digital Disruption was the brainchild of Louize Clarke and Matt Bovey of Connect TVT, to become a celebration of digital creativity and entrepreneurialism in the digital hub of Reading, home of some of the largest technology companies in the UK. The Tech for Good conference was designed to highlight innovation and to inspire everyone to create and support more Tech for Good initiatives in the future. Certainly, many people left with a buzz of “Wow!” after the many speakers showed how being tenacious, driven, using the right technology at the right time for the right people can dramatically change people’s lives.

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