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How donating to charity got Natalie’s family walking more

How donating to charity got Natalie’s family walking more

Natalie started using the BetterPoints app because it let her donate her reward points to charity. However, she soon found it was encouraging her and her family to walk more too.

Natalie joined the BetterTogether programme run by Salford Clinical Commissioning Group. She found it encouraged her out of the house even during the winter months last year when normally, she told us, ‘I find myself drawn to the comfort of a warm car or public transport, even for short distances’.

Initially, Natalie was drawn to the BetterPoints app by its option to donate the value of her accrued points to charity. ‘This seemed like a bonus for the walking I did normally,’ she says.

However, she also discovered it motivated her to be more active. ‘I soon increased my walking when I realised how easy it was to clock up the points!’

‘This app really has encouraged me to get active when I normally wouldn’t,’ says Natalie. ‘BetterPoints has provided a great incentive to ignore those lazy thoughts, wrap up warm and go for a brisk walk.

But it’s not just Natalie. Her family benefits from BetterPoints too.

‘As well as donating points to a local charity, (which I’ve found so easy to do via the app) I’m saving points to buy rewards for my children for all their great walking. Reminding them about this keeps them motivated and we get extra points for walking together.

‘We regularly go to our local park and, rather than just sit on swings, go for a stroll before playing.’

They’re also spurred on by a bit of friendly rivalry. ‘My competitive husband has fun trying to earn more points than me so he’s walking miles more than he did previously!’

‘All in all,’ says Natalie, ‘BetterPoints has encouraged us to get outside, increased our exercise, helped us be more generous – and is fun!’

Natalie was part of the BetterTogether programme run by Salford CCG. If you’re interested in using BetterPoints in your own organisation, Request a demo and we’ll be in touch. Or join our mailing list to keep abreast of developments.