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Grab our free pdf of inspiring stories about getting people moving

Grab our free pdf of inspiring stories about getting people moving

The BetterPoints smartphone app gets people moving for all sorts of reasons. They might discover it through their employer, to motivate them to use their car less; or through their GP, to inspire them to walk more; or through their local authority, to encourage more environmentally-friendly activity.

Take Peter, who set himself a target of walking at least seven miles a week when he retired. He started well but his resolve soon weakened.

Then, the London Borough of Sutton introduced him to the BetterPoints app. After just six weeks Peter had clocked up a jaw-dropping 83 miles, blowing his original seven-miles goal out of the water. ‘Did I ever think I could do that?’, he said. ‘Never in a million years.’

Then there’s Vidya, who had a sudden health scare in 2014 that required emergency surgery and a series of subsequent operations. The process was was drawn out and she lost her motivation to keep fit.

She came across BetterPoints on a health forum and was dubious about it, but gave it a try anyway.

Now, Vidya says, ‘I have started getting up and walking at times where I would have just been sitting in front of the TV. I feel so much fitter and healthier and I am sleeping a lot better too.’

Or take Purva, who became active every day when she discovered BetterPoints through Leicester City Council’s Choose How You Move programme. She persuaded her friends to use it too and now they have regular competitions to keep fit.

‘This is really great for my mental health,’ says Purva. ‘Exercise really does boost my endorphins to put me in a great mood.’

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