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Let’s end the year on a high note!

Let’s end the year on a high note!

A look back at 2022 can be demoralising. War brought devastation to Ukraine, floods and fires wrought destruction around the world, energy prices rocketed and climate talks floundered.

Here in the UK, the word ‘crisis’ was appended to pretty much everything: cost-of-living, petrol, social care, energy, food supply, homelessness, ambulances – even Christmas pickle. Against that backdrop, domestic political mayhem may have seemed a welcome diversion for many.

But noisy concerns like those can make us forget all the personal victories that are so important and keep the world spinning.

Over the year, we have been enormously privileged to hear from BetterPoints users who overcame barriers and made positive changes to their lives.

Like Sophia, whose family found cycling a ‘life-saver’ after her daughter was put on life-support.

‘She needed to be kept in isolation. We couldn’t use public transport or taxis.

‘It was a really stressful time and going out on the bikes helped alleviate the pressure. They really were a life-saver.’

— Sophia

You can read more of Sophia’s story here.

And Tamar, who has health issues that hinder her mobility. Despite that, she walks to earn donations for the food bank that helped her family when she was in hospital.

‘I give the majority of my BetterPoints to Hounslow Community FoodBox. They helped me through a terrible time when I was taken into hospital and my family needed support.

‘We had no money and were really struggling. We were able to go to the FoodBox and get some essentials. It was a real lifesaver.’

— Tamar

Or Alan, who started cycling to lose weight but nearly stopped altogether when he was hospitalised with Covid.

‘It was horrendous at times. 
I said to my wife that I was going to pack it in, but I stuck with it and have fallen in love with cycling all over again.’

— Alan

Also Belinda, an arthritis sufferer who found the motivation to ‘get out walking in all weathers’ and is now much more mobile.

‘Even though I have to use a stick, I push myself even to do a little walk each day, which I wasn’t doing before.’

— Belinda

And Alice, who is overcoming her weight and mobility issues and is now a keen advocate for active travel.

‘I can do more, more often, than ever before. I have never felt better, more energised, or more capable.

‘I want to do better for myself, and encourage my family to see active travel as a regular and normal choice.’

— Alice

You can read more of Alice’s story here.

We hope that brightens up the end of your year a little, and wish you a wonderful Christmas season, however you approach it. 

Here’s to a healthy, happy and constructive 2023.