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Walking helps clear my mind

Walking helps clear my mind

Not many people would eschew the tube or driving to work, even if it meant benefitting their wellbeing. However, Judith from Hounslow saw an improvement in her health and peace of mind after using the BetterPoints app, which rewards points to its users for walking, running and cycling. “I was walking to work but not consistently everyday. I would drive once or twice a week, but now I try and walk everyday to try to get more points.”

Judith found out about BetterPoints while reading the Hounslow Matters magazine and now uses the app “mostly when I walk to work. Then on the weekends I try to do a Hounslow walk [in the parks.]”

Although Judith was no stranger to this eco-friendly and healthier form of transportation, she noticed an increase in her willingness to take a stroll. “Well I think I was doing a lot of walking anyway, but now it motivates me to walk more frequently and for longer distances.” She also reports that the exercise has made her feel “a little bit healthier. Mentally, it helps clear my mind walking to work before the day”.

Redeeming her points for fun things, Judith has made the most of her daily journeys by foot. “I’ve got a mixture of things I’ve need, and some that are treats.” In the future she hopes to earn more points to donate to children’s charities. She is pushing herself even further than walks, and is participating in aerobics classes.

Overall, Judith believes BetterPoints is “a really good scheme. It helps motivate you to do more outside and you get great rewards for doing it.”

You too can track your activity, whether it be walking, running or cycling, and reward yourself and your world. Download the app and see where your two feet can take you.