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BetterPoints to help reduce congestion in Leamington Spa

BetterPoints to help reduce congestion in Leamington Spa

We’re delighted to announce that we’re going to be working in partnership with Warwick District Council to motivate and encourage local residents to travel actively and to make use of  ‘Park and Stride’ car parks rather than city centre parking.

The initiative will focus on Royal Leamington Spa during the busy summer months and use the BetterPoints system to reward people for travelling actively and sustainably. It will take the form of a four-month pilot with the potential to develop into a longer term initiative.  

The project is currently in the planning phase and we look forward to sharing more information about this exciting initiative in due course. 

BetterPoints has worked on a significant number of successful active travel behaviour change programmes in the UK and abroad. To find out more about how BetterPoints can motivate behaviour change where you are please take a look at our website and request a demo. 

Image: Leamington Spa Town Hall 1 by ahisgett, licensed under CC BY 2.0