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Category: Environment

BetterPoints is now a B Corporation!

We are thrilled to announce that BetterPoints Ltd is now a Certified B Corporation (B Corp), reinforcing our dedication to creating a positive impact on society and the environment. This is very exciting, as it shows that our commitment to creating a positive impact is not just limited to our programme delivery but is core…
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A national behaviour change campaign ‘urgently required’ to meet climate goals, say Peers

A House of Lords committee has called for a national, joined-up behaviour change campaign to meet emissions targets. A third of the UK’s emissions reductions by 2035 must come from people changing their behaviour, says the House of Lords’ environment and climate change committee in a report published yesterday. “We found that we cannot rely…
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Active travel remains a key focus of UK decarbonisation plans

The UK Government yesterday published a review of its Transport Decarbonisation Plan, one year on. Decarbonising transport: one-year-on review. The plan set out the UK’s ‘greenprint’ to create cleaner air, healthier communities and tens of thousands of new green jobs across the UK. The review reports that almost 7,500 extra electric vehicle charge-points have been installed, supporting…
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Fuel costs present big opportunity to clean the air and commit to active and sustainable travel

Today is Clean Air Day, which, among other things, ‘showcases that a cleaner air future is both possible and desirable’ and ‘helps increase levels of air pollution-busting behaviours’. The appetite to change those behaviours is growing, and it would be a scandal if we missed a golden opportunity to feed it. It’s no news to…
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Rental bikes with QR codes reward sustainable travel in Brighton & Hove

The Brighton & Hove bike rental scheme, BTN BikeShare, has adorned the baskets of its bicycles with BetterPoints QR codes, to make it easy for people to join the local Move for Change challenge.  Move for Change, which launched in February, was commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council to reward people for travelling actively…
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Electric cars are not a panacea for net zero – we need a change of attitudes and behaviours, not simply a change of furniture

The UK Government is putting too much focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and not enough on alternatives, warned the think tank, IPPR, this week. Their analysis of the Committee on Climate Change’s sixth carbon budget said that current approaches to reaching net-zero could lead to even greater levels of traffic, congestion and pressure on local…
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BetterPoints hits 10 million sustainable journeys

8 October was Clean Air Day, ‘the UK’s largest air pollution campaign’. And, as if we’d planned it, the number of active or sustainable travel journeys made by BetterPoints users had just passed 10 million. To mark Clean Air Day, we created a special medal for users of our app who walk or cycle today.…
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BetterPoints builds a unique travel impact calculator for WWF

We are delighted to announce the launch of a fun journey-planning, travel impact calculator that we’ve built for the WWF Cities Team. The new Travel Better tool is designed to help people realise the impact of their current travel choices for everyday journeys, and to encourage them to change mobility behaviours. Covid-19 has turned our world…
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It’s World Bicycle Day and the weather’s perfect for getting back to better!

Cycling is fun, healthy and a great way to escape the crowds. Cars, on the other hand, have a tendency to create congestion and pollute the air. And that impact on our environment has been thrown into stark relief within just a few short months. The air is cleaner, there’s less traffic noise and –…
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Getting people out of cars is key to meeting net zero, says new report

A new report from the thinktank Green Alliance highlights the need for more to be done at a national level to curb demand for transport

Over 1,000 Sheffield University Staff and Students join the BetterPoints challenge in just three weeks!

Sheffield University and SU are teaming up and working with BetterPoints to encourage green travel choices. Over 1,000 people have signed up in the first three weeks.

Most UK areas still breach pollution limits, report says

The UK Government has this week published the latest air pollution data. The figures show that very little progress has been made towards meeting the EU’s legal limits of NO2 with 36 out of 43 local authority areas still having illegal levels, according to analysis published by ClientEarth. The figures, published under the EU Ambient…
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