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Category: Environment

Bath hackathon challenge: Design an app-based system to track data on electrical waste

There’s a big problem with recycling electrical goods. There is a disconnect between information about manufacturers, retailers and consumers and information captured at the point of recycling collection. Cracking this would dramatically improve understanding of product usage and longevity, accuracy of information about recycling and evidence to support its merits. Think you can help crack…
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Most UK areas still breach pollution limits, report says

The UK Government has this week published the latest air pollution data. The figures show that very little progress has been made towards meeting the EU’s legal limits of NO2 with 36 out of 43 local authority areas still having illegal levels, according to analysis published by ClientEarth. The figures, published under the EU Ambient…
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Overwhelming evidence that humans are causing global warming, say scientists

As temperature records were broken last week in three European nations, scientists now seem to be of one mind about Climate Change.  Extensive historical data has informed three studies, published in Nature and Nature Geoscience. These show that temperature changes over the last 2,000 years have never been as fast and extensive as in recent…
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